How To Setup Your HR Agency in UAE?

As your company expands, you will need to hire more employees to meet those requirements and expand your depth of knowledge. But since you are an exceptional businessman doesn’t imply you are outstanding at screening individuals and connecting them to talent shortages.

That is why, while planning a new employee, numerous big businesses solicit the assistance of skilled recruitment agencies. Especially in Dubai, wherein tight hiring rules and uniform connections can add to the application’s intricacy.

For such a diverse and developing corporate sector out here, recruiting and HR services are constantly in a growing market. So, if you can track people to job needs, there is indeed an excellent chance in Dubai, UAE.

Dubai International Financial Centre

Business Center DIFC is still a great location for organizations searching for a dedicated facility to conduct business in the UAE. It provides fully furnished corporate office buildings intended to meet the needs of the best and most powerful financial organizations.

The advantages of establishing a hiring agency in Dubai

Huge numbers of enterprises operate in Dubai, with many additional opening opportunities each year. These companies are just concerned with one thing that is expansion. And expansion needs additional human resources. The UAE’s recruiting business is growing. Regulatory measures to recruit foreign talents, such as increased virtual work options and long-term residence programs, have resulted in the creation of loads of extra employment in the private industry.

Therefore, if you want to establish a recruiting firm or an HR consultation agency in Dubai, there will most certainly be a need for your expertise. You may also reap the benefits to start a business in UAE with a 0% rate of taxation on individual and company earnings once you open a company. Furthermore, if you establish your business in a free zone, you will enjoy zero currency limits as well as revenue and asset return rights.

Steps to establish an HR agency in Dubai

First, schedule a free counseling session with experts, they will assist you in gaining a thorough grasp of the company incorporation procedure as well as the ways business is conducted in the UAE. Having followed your discussion, they will walk you thru the company formation steps.

1.     Pick your interests and organize them

The very first step is to define the sort of service you want to run. Is it a human resources consulting firm, a recruiting agency, or another comparable organization? This must be sent together with your licensing application.

You must also consider if you want to launch your company on the mainland or in a free zone.  Furthermore, this must be known early on since it will affect the licensing registration process.

2.     Get and register a business trademark

Following that, you must select and authorize your brand name. There seem to be a handful of other things to consider here.

Equally crucially, your brand name can not be identical to that of any rivals, nor can that be derogatory or disrespectful.

3.     Send in your licensing application

Anyone can seek the UAE recruiting certification at this point. In addition to the required documents as well as a preliminary marketing plan, you must provide all or most of the set of data.

  •   Owners of the company must provide credentials and proof of identity.
  •   Details of investors’ and executives’ passports
  •   Registered trademark verification copy
  •   Partnership Agreement
  •   Article of Incorporation

Because you are running an HR business, you must also authenticate your firm with the Ministry of Human Resources” and “Emiratisation (MOHRE). Lastly, recruiting firms must be supervised by a duly registered Governmental body.

Essential considerations

Creating an acceptable pricing model

How will you charge your offerings? Hiring costs will vary based on what you are looking for permanent or temporary employees.

Finding a market niche

Focusing on a single industry is a solid strategy for a freshly created recruiting firm in the UAE. This is due to the fact that attaining a considerable market share against a known established recruiting agency will be far more difficult. Exploration of existing methods to constantly reinvent will keep your business relevant in the industry.

Making plans for future expansion

Throughout the initial phases of the firm, you must identify projected changeover, employee numbers, and future customers, but you ought to have a reasonable idea of whatever and how rapidly the firm will expand. You will indeed be capable of coping with price volatility and maintaining the business going ahead whether you are proactive in nature.

Office necessities

It is essential to prepare for commercial space that is both affordable and also in a region that matches your intended market and business. The UAE has many companies setting alternatives, including mainland, free zone, and offshore sites. Each offers various benefits and drawbacks, so it would be important to consider all of your alternatives.

Insurance is mandatory

Workers’ Liabilities Insurance is compulsory in the UAE. This protects the possible risks of prospective lawsuits, your property, and any automobiles or catastrophes.


There is a lot to consider when it comes to funding a recruiting firm in the UAE, though it’s probable that a corporate mortgage will be required, not just to get things going, but also to generate a stable source of income from the start.

How much does it take to launch a recruiting agency in Dubai?

The advantages of establishing an HR firm in the Business Center DIFC include TAX Synergies such as 0% tax on earnings, property, or commodities for fifty years and 0% tax on individual income. Rates are incurred by the actions requested.  Fees are often divided into two parts. The first is an online application charge, and the second is an annual license fee.

The overall cost of establishing a recruiting firm in the Emirates will be determined by numerous criteria, including particular undertakings, firm size, and geographic area. Yet, in most circumstances, start-up expenditures are minimal.

It’s indeed impossible to provide an accurate accounting of establishing a company in Dubai without a good study of the type of business. Aside from the cost of a recruiting agency registration, there are numerous additional considerations to examine.

Business consultation

As a business advisor, you can give an opportunity to begin a business in foreign countries. You can provide quick, dependable, and non-biased recommendations on specific business configuration needs.

As an HR agency, you can assist companies in selecting the appropriate permit for their commercial enterprise and walk to through the complete procedure from beginning to end.


It will really enable the organization to undertake hiring and human resource operations within the Dubai international financial center. When you establish an HR agency in UAE, you can handle the headache of company registration while the owner will concentrate on the business operations.