How to See Recently Followed People Instagram

Recently Followed People Instagram

Some time ago you started following a person on Instagram to keep up to date with the content they are posting. You want to show your profile to a friend of yours but you can’t remember your username and then you’re wondering How to see the latest people being followed on Instagram. Also, you want to know which users you follow that person – they have similar tastes, and if you scroll through your followers list, you can find other interesting people to follow.

How do you say? That’s the way things are and you’re wondering if I can help you. Of course! You found the right tutorial at the right time! In the course of this guide I will explain in detail how to find the names of recently followed people or other Instagram users using the social network application Android e iOS , but also from a PC connecting to its official website manufactures. or with the application Windows-10.

If you want to learn more now, just take a few minutes, sit comfortably in front of your PC and grab your phone or tablet. Carefully follow the instructions I am going to give you and you will see that you will successfully implement your proposed intent in no time. are you ready to start Yes? Very good! Good reading!

See the latest people on your Instagram profile

If you want to know the names of the last people you followed on Instagram, you can do it using the social network application for Android and iOS, but also from a PC, connecting to its official website or the application from Download Instagram for Windows 10 . In the following lines I will explain in detail how to proceed in all cases.

Smartphones and Tablets

To see the latest people on your Instagram profile from mobile phones and tablets, launch the official application of the social network by clicking on the appropriate icon on the home screen or in the drawer of your device.

After logging in to the social network with your account details, press little man icon located in the menu below to go to your profile section. When you are done, click on the editorial followed is at the top: then you will see the screen that shows all the names of the people you are following.

The list is not perfectly chronologically ordered: in this section, all the names of the people you have followed in the last period are displayed at the top. However, if you scroll down, you can see the names of people you’ve followed on Instagram in the past


If you want to see the list of people you follow on Instagram from a PC, you need to connect to the web version of the popular photo social network with a browse browser Internet . Then you need to log into your account and press little man icon located on the top right to go to your profile section.

Now click on the wording Profiles followed on Instagram that you can find next to your name. On the screen that appears, you will see the People card – The last name at the top is exactly the last person you follow. From a computer, this section of the exhibition looks closely at the chronological order.

With the Instagram For Windows 10, on the other hand, after logging into your account, you will go to your profile screen by clicking on the little man icon located in the menu below.

Once that’s done, click on the followed item you see above: it will show you the full list of people you follow on Instagram , even if in the latter case the names don’t follow the precise chronological order.

At the top you can see the people you’ve recently followed. If you scroll down you will find the people you have followed in the past.

See recent people in other users’ profiles

Want to know the names of the last people of a user Instagram started following? No problem: you can find this information either using the Photographic Network application on Android. And iOS, or via PC by connecting to the official website or downloading the Instagram application for Windows 10. In the following lines I will detail the steps to follow for you to be successful in this endeavor.

From cellphones and tablets

If you want to trade from Android or iOS. Take your device and launch the Instagram icon on the home screen or in the drawer and log in to your account.

Once that is done, press little man icon on the bottom menu. And click on the search engine text box that you see above. Then enter the name of the person you are interested in and touch the corresponding. Search result to view their Instagram profile.

Now touch the wording followed At the top. You will see the list of people you have followed in the last period. If you scroll down this list, you’ll see the names of people you’ve previously followed. This screen does not follow exact chronological order and generically shows the names of the most recently followed people first.

Alternatively, if you want to see the activities of the people. You follow and the names of the people who follow them in precise chronological order. Tap the heart icon on the menu at the bottom and click the followed tab .

The next screen shows you all the activities of the people you follow chronologically. This way you can know in real time when a person you follow on Instagram started following. Another user of the social network.

The displayed wording is of the type «Stop started to follow [nomeutente]» and it will also have a timestamp (for example 5h ).

From PC

If you prefer to see the latest people that a user follows on Instagram through a PC. Connect to the official website of the social network. Through a browser to surf the Internet and log into your profile.

Now use the search engine above to find a user’s profile Instagram (for example type creative stop to see mine) and, in accordance with your name, click on the item followed profiles.

On the screen that appears you will see the People tab. Through the latter you can see all the names of the following people. The names are in chronological order: the first name in the list actually corresponds to the last person followed. So if you scroll down, you can find the names of the previously tracked people.

Also with the application of Instagram For Windows 10 you can access the section followed. Where you will see in chronological order all the activities carried out on Instagram by the people you follow. After launching the application and logging in. In the same way as I indicated for Android and iOS, press the heart icon located at the bottom.

Then check the card followed : the latter shows the activities of the users you follow on Instagram. When a person follows an Instagram user, that activity will be recorded and displayed on this screen.

Just to give you an example: if you follow me on Instagram it will show you something like «Stop started following [nomeutente]» followed by the exact time (for example 5h ).