How to Protect Your Eyes & Sensitive Areas During Tanning?

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Getting a perfect tan is every goddess’ dream! But, you can’t risk one of the most precious organs – your eyes – to get an impressive tan. Eye protection is a serious affair while tanning, whether out in the sun or inside a tanning bed. 

Tanning salons that care more about delivering quality service than simply making money guide customers regarding eye care during the session. Some salons even provide special tanning goggles that you must wear during the session. 

If you don’t wish to wear a pair of goggles that other customers may have worn too, you can bring your own pair. 

Tanning goggles

Tanning goggles are different from the usual goggles and sunglasses that you wear for eye protection outdoors. These are specially designed for the tan bed. They usually feature soft and flexible eye cups that fit snugly over your eyes. As a result, you get beautiful tan lines around the eyes without harming the eyes. 

Never risk your eyes for a tan. 

What if I just close my eyes? 

That won’t work. Ultraviolet rays penetrate the thick skin of the eyelids. They can severely damage your retina. They can damage your eyesight. Exposure to UV rays increases the risk of cataracts, blurry vision, dry eyes, and macular degeneration. These are serious eye issues; a few of them are permanent. 

No tan in the world is worth the health of your eyes. 

If you are in a reputable salon such as the one in East Boca Raton, the experts won’t let you tan without appropriate eye protection. They are so particular about their customer’s safety. They are dedicated to delivering the best quality, which also includes taking care of safety features. 

Mobile spray tanning 

Many people ask: Do I need to protect my eyes during mobile spray tanning too?

The answer is: YES! 

Tanning products contain DHA, which is approved by the FDA for external use only. Scientists do not yet know what would happen if the chemical goes inside your mouth or eyes, or if you inhale it. 

So, it is best to protect your eyes, lips, and nose during a spray tan session at your home. 


  • Search for “sunless tanning near me” to find only the best salons that care for their clients. 
  • Wear tanning goggles when the technician starts tanning your face. The “mist” of spray tan will hit your face and spread in the air. 
  • Use nose filters. You can also hold your breath (if you can) for a while as the technician tans your face. 
  • Lips have a mucous membrane. As per the study, when a chemical hits the mucous membrane, it directly enters the bloodstream and heads to the brain. Use lip balm or some plastic piece.
  • Ladies, if you are going nude, cover your vaginal area, for the same reason as above. 

In Coral Springs, tanning salon experts are particular about the safety of their customers. They make sure the person is at ease and protected before they start spraying or start the tan bed session. 

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