How to Plan a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding has now become a symbol of pomp and show. And why not? India is packed with numerous spectacular locations to incredible architectural beauties which are perfectly integrating the culture, and traditions and are full of spirit. These locations can provide you with a unique experience in itself and make you feel at home.

Do you aware of how much goes into planning a wedding and that too for destination planning? It involves various chores from banquet halls to guest accommodation, from décor to photographers, and from catering to the overall execution. If you hire a wedding planner, things go quite easy and you just have to keep an eye on everything to make sure all would go in your planned way. But if the budget doesn’t allow you to hire their services, then don’t panic you still can move ahead for a destination wedding even without local knowledge. You just have to get into the shoes of a wedding planner, do some research, and read a few articles about their roles and responsibilities. Though it may be a bit tiring and time-consuming, still with a bit of carefully early planning, you can perfectly pull off your destination wedding. 

If you are also planning for a destination wedding, you land on the right page here to make it quite easy for you we have curated a few guidelines and tips to add to your wedding checklist for successfully organizing a fantastic destination wedding. Scroll on for more.

  • Choose the type and venue for a destination wedding

The very first step in the planning process is to decide the type of destination that you want to pick up for your wedding. It may be a palace wedding, a beach wedding, a boat wedding, a wedding amidst the mountain, or a dessert, totally depending on your dream and vision. As per the type of destination, select the city /palace keeping in mind the weather and season. The venue should be safe and secure, have easy access to your guests, and have all the required resources. The location is the utmost thing for any wedding so it should be selected after a detailed study about that place. 

  • Set the budget 

Obviously, the Budget is a significant factor that affects the whole planning of your wedding. It should be set in advance in a detailed form including all the associated expenses like décor, venue, catering, photography, wedding dresses, and of course travelling expenses. You should be clear in your mind about how much you can spend on a particular thing and what are your priorities. If you extravagantly spend on an item, say décor, you have to compromise whether on the photography or on maybe wedding dresses or gifts. It’s absolutely a personal choice that fully depends on your set priorities. 

  • Hire an event planner or select a wedding package

Due to a lack of local knowledge and time constraint, most people prefer to hire a wedding planner. Finding the best planner that can turn your dream wedding into a reality is not an easy task. It involves various things to consider like their expertise in organizing such an event, their local knowledge, their coordination with local vendors, and customer reviews. If budget is a constraint, you should buy a wedding package from the venue which provides you with multiple services under one roof at affordable rates. Whatever, you decide make proper research about that. 

  • Preparing the guest list and better guest experience

A destination wedding is an intimate wedding where your only dear and near ones are invited. Thus, there is a huge difference between a local wedding guest list and a destination wedding guest list. Keep your guest list to only those family members and close friends without them you can’t imagine your big day. Now, decide about how to welcome your guests keeping in mind their better experience as they come to give you their blessings and double your happiness with their presence. You can cheer your guests with a welcome bag and return gifts as well.

  • Hiring the vendors

Now, the next step in planning a destination wedding is hiring the vendors like makeup artists, photographers, florists, and caterers. If you hired an event planner then you don’t have to worry at all as they would arrange everything. But if you are planning yourself, you have to hire the vendors either from or near the destination wedding or fly them from the place or city where you reside. Well, it’s better to hire a vendor from the chosen destination as it would save your extra cost, time, and effort. Be careful while selecting the services of the vendors as it would directly affect your budget.

  • Inspection is a MUST

It is essential to visit and inspect your prospective venue before finalizing it. Visiting along with the décor would give you a better idea about how function can be held in what area, how can be maximum space be utilized, how to effectively accommodate all the guests, and which type of decoration would perfectly suit, and more on. Brainstorming about all this and exploring specific areas would help you in successfully planning a destination wedding without any hassle. 

  • Make accommodation arrangements for your guests

To avoid last-moment chaos, properly arrange and allot the rooms for your guests before they arrive. Make sure there are enough rooms and delegate them as per their convivence or ease like elder or older people should get the rooms near to the function area. 

  • Ask for bulk discounts

While purchasing the wedding package or hiring an event planner, use your negotiating skills and ask for the best discounts and offers as many one-stop venues offer complementary services like welcome bags, free laundry services, or even a certain percentage discount on the total package. It just depends on how effective you are in bargaining.

The above tips would help you in successfully planning your destination wedding and can turn your dream day into reality. Though a destination wedding would seem costly, it is actually the same as the lavish nuptials in the big city. Also, if you are planning your destination wedding in Delhi, then go through these top wedding halls in North Delhi to pull off a luxurious wedding bash.