How to make your site mobile friendly

Everyone loves to use mobile responsive and user-friendly sites. Suppose your site takes more time to load, which will keep your users waiting. As a result, they will be irritated and move to another site.

In the old time, people only used websites on desktops; now, with changing times, people use many devices to use the site. That’s why it’s a need of time that your site should be mobile-friendly.

If your site is mobile responsive, it will stay in Google SERPs despite its best performance, which is not good.

Nowadays making your site mobile friendly is not a big hassle, as different responsive ecommerce site builders come as a savior such as Fynd Platform or HostGator.

To make your site mobile-friendly, we have developed amazing ways.

E-commerce website builder- source of mobile friendly site.

Honestly, to run your store smoothly and increase your sales your basic need is mobile friendly site.

E-commerce store builder have huge number of tools which helps you in building a mobile friendly site. Most website builder allows you to do customization.

With e-commerce site builder, your work will become easy and can be done in less time.

Fynd Platform- go to website builder

From blogger to a website owner, Fynd can be used by anyone.

It has all the tools which can help you to make site of any size and definitely mobile responsive.

Moreover, it’s give you freedom to make site according to your preferences and customize it.

To use Fynd Platform, you don’t need to be experienced enough. It’s drag and drop editor makes it easy for you to work with it.

Make Your Website Responsive.

Making your site user-friendly is the only way to keep its best performance on mobile and desktop.

The site will contain the same material, including text and media, but it will optimize its appearance per the chosen device.

In simpler words, the way the web page is displayed and adjusted size are according to the device.

A photo next to the text can appear on top of the text on a mobile phone.

With responsive design, your site will be mobile friendly, too, as you don’t have to restrict the information for mobile users; in this way, they all will get the same information. Even responsive design is really good for SEO too.

 Make Information People Look for Easier to Find.

Design your site to solve people’s problems or answer the query in less time. People are always in a hurry; they take out their smartphones and rely on them to get an answer asap for any specific question, such as the location of their favorite restaurant, the timings of nearby salons, and whatnot.

They hope to get the information as soon as possible.

Give a thought to what information your users will love to see, so keep that information on the homepage so it’s easily visible and easy to find for your customers. You can choose FAQs for that important information, as most people find FAQs when they visit the site.

Still, you need clarification on what information you should use. Use Google Analytics, it will guide you about your user’s interest, and you can plan accordingly.

If we talk especially about mobile users, you can add Mobile traffic as a segment in Google Analytics so you will have an idea about mobile users’ preferences too.

Keep Your Web Design Simple.

Complex, complicated sites are full of useless add-on features; they make your site congested and difficult for users to view your site on your small screens.


Try to avoid clutter as much as you can. Keep your site simple and clean with important and useful features for your users.

With simple and fewer tools on your site, your site load speed will also improve. It will be easier for visitors to find the tool or file.

Not only keep your site simple but keep your menu simple too.

Your site has many pages and categories that look so good on laptops or desktops, but it needs to be better on the small screen of your smartphone. To avoid that issue, you can cut down on some add-ons.

Even websites can switch to putting categories behind a hamburger button on mobile. More space will be saved on the mobile screen; if you need any of the tools, you can open the hamburger.

Don’t Disable the Submit Button

Mobile devices are doing great, but all of them could be better! Buttons can irritate users who keep clicking on the submit button to see their connection stopped but are surprised that the submit button is disabled.

It’s a good step to stop repeated submissions, but there are better ways.

Use Percentages

Most people connect pictures and pixels and click every photo on mobile with the same pixels.

Keeping the same size for all your photos is a bad idea.

Every picture should have its specific size, width, and height, rarely 100%. In this way, each photo has its impact and influence. They have a consistent appearance on every device.

 Make Sure You Didn’t Block Javascript, CSS, or Image Files

Java is a perfect system used for a long time when combined with CSS and images, so it becomes the pillar of the responsive, mobile-friendly site.

Your aim should be to make your site compatible and friendly.

To make your site widely used, everyone wants it to be visible on any screen your users like to see. That’s why coding and good software are important and should be accepted worldwide.

 Use Standard Fonts

Unique and creative fonts can add glam to your site but can increase your visitors’ efforts. They will have to download the unique fonts, which is an additional font. They may reject the request to download the new font and move to the new site.

Since technology has developed a lot, nowadays, every device comes up with pre-installed different fonts, so you can have a variety of fonts to use on your site.

Fonts are more efficient and effective to read on different sizes depending on headings, so check your fonts’ readability after updates.


Since we all know the desktop screen is wide while the mobile screen is narrow, keep this in mind when you design a site or create a menu.

When you are done creating a site, always practically use it to know how it will turn out at the user’s end.

If it has flaws, no worries, you can hire any professional to fix it all and make it perfect.

It will take some investment, but it will be worth it.

Moreover, with our amazing ideas, your site can be mobile-friendly and responsive.

Let us know how it turned out in our comment section below


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