How to Make Video Production More Sustainable?

Media production houses impact people and the environment way more than any other industry. Media agencies have a big responsibility on their shoulders. 

Luckily, big video production firms are starting to understand how they can save the planet by incorporating eco-friendly business practices in their work.

This blog will discuss initiatives your video production house can take to start delivering your part in saving mother earth.

The First Step is to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Film and TV production is responsible for massive carbon dioxide emissions through air travel, fuel, housing, and utilities.

A study conducted by Sustainable Production Alliance found that fuel usage emits the highest amount of CO2, utilities come after it, followed by air travel and housing.

Some Ways to Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption

A video production company in Dubai uses fuel for many purposes, including transportation, generators, etc. Here are some greener and environmentally friendly solutions to power appliances and other things.


  • Start using electric vehicles if you can afford 
  • Look for green fuel alternatives for heavy-duty vehicles, such as biofuels
  • Replace diesel generators with grid-tied electrical systems which use renewable energy sources and can store energy to be used in power shortfall
  • Use battery generators if you are filming on location
  • Use solar-powered generators if you are shooting in a sunny climate 
  • Adjust your habits and boost productivity while filming to avoid futile use of equipment. It includes trying to complete projects as per the schedule and prevent delays or idleness


Use Cleaner Solutions to Power the Utilities of your Company

film making

You can use electrical grid systems to provide electricity to your utilities. Note that renewable energy storage is still a developing technology.

You can also use energy-efficient utilities to decrease fossil fuel consumption and minimize emissions. You can mount automatic detectors in sinks, toilets, and under lights to sustain electricity and water.

Also, use LED lights in your company and tell everyone to follow energy-efficient practices. Other greener initiatives involve carefully insulating and sealing your building so that you consume less electricity to cool down or heat the place.

You can check how perfectly insulated your building is with the help of energy auditors. They perform blower door tests to spot potential air leaks. You avoid higher electricity bills and unwanted drafts by filling those air leaks.

Avoid Air Travel As Much As You Can

Based on how big your video production agency is, you would need to travel in planes a lot. Use phone calls or video conferencing as an alternative to air travel.

Also, try not to take workers on board or take on clients from areas too far from your head office. One good idea is to collaborate with similar businesses in various locations and network with them to expand your operations.

Sometimes, you would have no option but to travel in a plane. In those instances, pick the most environment-conscious airlines and hotels or travel through an electric vehicle. 

If you can track the carbon emissions generated by your plane travel, it would help you to keep a record of your media house’s carbon footprint.

Use Long-lasting Equipment

You should buy durable premium quality equipment to keep your business processes sustainable. If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase high-end equipment, rent it out if you would only need it a couple of times.

Moreover, you can use gear made of refurbished components and rechargeable batteries to stay environment-friendly. 

Leverage Set Design, Wardrobe, and Props

Make sure your company’s operations create minimally or no waste by using wardrobe, props, and sets, if possible. 

Props and set pieces are made of all kinds of materials, you can repurpose or recycle a lot of them. Try using a single set piece for many productions or altering or coloring over them to produce unique props or set pieces.

Furthermore, you can donate set materials to other media production company in Dubai so that they can reuse them. Or donate to communities or schools to support movie programs or theater.  

Offer Sustainable Catering

Using non-reusable plastic or paper cutlery harms the environment, so use silver cutlery instead.  Use recyclable water bottles or a dispenser with jugs that you can gather for reuse.

Also, if you can afford the costs, offer non-plastic water bottles to clients and employees to minimize plastic waste. Whether you take catering services or provide the food yourself, always count the exact number of people whom you would serve.

You can donate leftover food to shelters or NGOs that accept it. Or create a composting system to convert wasted food into nutrient-rich compost. However, remember you can only do it if you are shooting at or near your base of operations.

Bottom Line

The threat of global warming has been there for a long time, but the world only started realizing it a couple of years ago. Its high-time media production businesses change their priorities from profits and budget to sustainable production.