How to Make Explosion Gift Boxes for Father’s Day?

Do you want to make your father feel happy and special? If so, explosion gift packaging is an excellent choice to make his day.  

Gifts presented in explosion boxes leave a lasting impression on the minds of your closest people. The happiness these boxes can bring to the faces of your loved ones is priceless.  

Along with Father’s Day, these boxes can also be utilized for birthday parties, wedding events and other festive occasions. Decorating the explosion gift boxes with photos of your precious people can preserve your worth-remembering memories forever.  

If you wonder how to craft an explosion gift packaging for Father’s Day, we have you covered in this blog! 

What is an Explosion Box? 

An explosion box is a handmade cardstock card. It looks like a normal gift box, but as soon as you lift off the paper lid, the sides explode while folding down and outward. To make the explosion boxes look even more fascinating, you can decorate the layers of cardstock with photos or mini cards.  

DIY Explosion Gift Packaging for Father’s Day 

There are many ways to design an exploding gift box for Father’s Day. You can personalize these boxes in various styles and designs to make them look engaging. Crafting an explosion gift box is an effortless task and requires a few basic things: 


  • Sheet of cardstock 
  • Scissors 
  • Paper cutter to make the big cuts convenient 
  • Scrapbook paper 
  • Glue stick 
  • Decorative embellishments 
  • Scoring tool to promote smoother folding 
  1. Fold your Box 

First, you need to fold the cardstock into nine squares, and then you can proceed to design the corners. To accomplish this task, bring the folded edge of each corner altogether while pinching the excess cardstock into a triangle inside the packaging.  

Once you are done folding the corners, you can trim them to give the packaging a neat effect. Additionally, you can give a unique effect to the boxes by crafting hearts out of the corners.  

  1. Layering the Explosion Gift Packaging 

After completing the first layer of your explosion box gift, you have to cut and fold some additional layers for the inside of the packaging. To give the desired exploding effect to the boxes, you need to ensure that the additional layers are small. How many layers you want to incorporate into the box is totally up to you. 

Once you fold all the layers, you need to cut the corner boxes out of your three inside layers to give the layers a plus shape.  

After cutting all layers, you need to place them on top of each other while gluing the centers together.  

Now, let’s move on to the most fun part: the decoration of explosion packaging! 

  1. Decorating the Explosion Gift Packaging 

With the number of layers inside the gift explosion box, there are a lot of areas in which you can decorate. You can decorate both sides of the flaps with different notes inside the box so your father will be pleased to see greetings notes everywhere.  

There are innumerable options for decorating the boxes, including beads, ribbons and bows. Such decorative stuff will make the explosion boxes look more eye-catching.  

How To Make DIY Photo Explosion Boxes? 

You can also celebrate your Father’s Day by presenting his favorite photos packed in a photo explosion box. Whether it’s Father’s Day or any other occasion, photo explosion boxes can create a positive impression on the minds of the recipients. 

You can design a DIY photo explosion box to please your loved ones. It’s an excellent handmade gift idea to share your favorite memories with a burst of photos. The method for designing the photo explosion gift packaging is the same as mentioned above. The only difference is that you will display images on both sides of the flaps instead of other embellishments. 

What makes the Explosion Gift Packaging Worthy for Business Entrepreneurs? 

Everyone wants to receive their gifts in stellar packaging. Henceforth, the market’s demand for the gift box explosion has considerably increased. Business entrepreneurs can generate a handsome amount of money by offering stylishly designed explosion boxes to their customers. The elegant explosion boxes allow the customers to cheer up their special people by presenting gifts in these boxes. 

You might wonder what makes these boxes ideal to be presented on special occasions. Well, there are many reasons for utilizing these boxes and bringing a smile to the faces of your closest people. Some reasons are as follows: 

Customized Explosion Boxes 

Numerous packaging companies offer customized explosion boxes in various shapes, making them excellent packaging for presenting precious gifts. You can be as creative as possible with shapes that can make the boxes look engaging while grabbing your customers’ attention. The shapes you can use could be cube, square or hexagon shapes.  

Wrapped in colorful ribbons and strings enhances the appearance of these boxes that can help your brand stand out in the pool of competitors.  

High-Quality Packaging 

The sophisticated explosion boxes are designed with durable materials so the gift packaging can last long. Materials that make these boxes sturdy include: 

  • Corrugated cardboard 
  • Flute stock 
  • Rigid material 
  • Kraft  

They are a safer option for manufacturing explosion boxes. Additionally, packaging manufacturers use the latest printing technologies to print catchy designs and patterns on the boxes and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Laminations, embossing, debossing or usage of alluring color combination schemes can add more charm to the boxes. Glossy lamination improves the appearance of explosion gift boxes and makes them look enchanting on the shelves. Lamination protects your valuable gifts from harmful external toxic elements such as UV rays and dust particles.  

Trendy Designs and Styles 

The trendy designs and styles of the explosion boxes make them the customers’ all-time favorite. When you keep your brand updated with the newest trends, it is obvious that you can gain more customers.  

The boxes in trendier designs or styles can help you generate more impulse buys while enabling your business to grow exponentially.  

Final Words! 

You can add as many interactive elements as you like to design explosion gift custom packaging for your father, which can double his happiness. You need to look for engaging ideas to design these boxes so you can make your Father’s Day worth remembering.