How To Install Windows On Steam Deck

How to Install Windows on steam deck

A portable system that impresses with its incredible power and adaptability, the Steam Deck made a splash when it first debuted among gamers. Others wish to add the Windows operating system in order to increase the product’s adaptability. We’ll demonstrate how to install the Microsoft Windows operating system on the portable Steam Deck gaming console in this article.

Although the installation of the operating system on the console is a relatively straightforward and non-intrusive operation, it is strongly advised that the user first considers if it is worthwhile to do so.

Oddly enough, this choice may determine whether the endeavor is successful or not.

Install Windows on Steam Deck: yes or no?

Although the Steam Deck is a highly intriguing device, SteamOS, the Linux-based console’s operating system, has several drawbacks when compared to Windows.

Don’t get me wrong. The console’s potential is fully used by SteamOS, which is fully tuned for it. For those who want to play more than only games from the Steam Deck, Windows provides improved usability and a wide range of compatibility.

You can install any game from numerous platforms using Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, Xbox Game Pass, etc.).

Once Windows is set up on the Steam Deck, you can use it just like a regular computer. In reality, because of its many connections, it can be converted into a pocket PC. All we need now are a display port-compatible monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse to create our workstation.

And carrying all of this in your bag is not difficult at all.

The only significant drawback is that Windows cannot be installed on the same SSD that SteamOS is. As a result, you must either install the Microsoft operating system on a new storage device or totally remove the default operating system from the Steam Deck.

We’ll walk you through the steps to take if you decide that installing Windows is something that is worthwhile.

How to Install Windows

To make the installation procedure simpler, we first advise that you connect a keyboard and mouse to the Steam Deck. As the USB-A port will be occupied, use a USB-C hub.

As you would when setting up the operating system on a desktop or laptop, create a USB stick containing the Windows installer. After that, insert this flash drive into the Steam Deck, and then briefly push the power button while simultaneously pressing the volume up and options (three dots) buttons to switch off the console.

In BIOS mode, the console will restart. To launch the Windows installation procedure, go to this page’s Boot Manager section and choose the external disc (pen drive).

The Windows installation procedure will launch upon the console’s restart. Then, just follow the instructions shown on the screen up to the point. When you choose where to install the program.

Erase all current partitions to use the whole amount of disc space. If you decide to install Windows on the default Steam Deck drive.

Following installation, Windows on the Steam Deck will initially operate in portrait-oriented screen mode. By accessing the system screen settings, this may be resolved.

The most crucial step after finishing Windows installation is to download and install. The proprietary Steam Deck drivers in order to use all console functions. The device’s primary drivers have been made available by Valve directly on its corporate website.