How to install a wall-hung washbasin?

In this simple guide, we will explain how to install a wall-hung washbasin for your bathroom or any other room you need. This guide is suitable for mounted sinks where there is a water supply.

Useful material for installation
Here is everything you might need for the correct installation of your sink.

  • Wall-hung washbasin of your choice
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill
  • wrench
  • Level
  • Pencil

Fixing kit: pins, nuts and various plugs:

Measures to be taken:

First, you will need to decide what height your pelvis should be. A standard bathroom sink is usually positioned at a height of 800-850 mm (80-85 cm). However, you may want to adjust this according to your needs.

Tip: consider the position of the existing water supply and make sure that the water drain is of the correct height.

Next, you will need to take two measurements: the distance from the top of the sink to the fixing holes, the distance between the two fixing holes.

Measure in the center of each attachment hole, then double-check that your measurements are correct before jotting them down on a piece of paper for later.

Mark the height of the sink on the wall with a pencil and extend the line using a level to make sure it is straight. Then, draw a straight line from the water source, to mark the center of the basin.

Then, measure down from the top edge and use the previous measurements to find the height of the fixing holes. Draw this line on the wall – use a level to make it perfectly horizontal.

Finally, measure outwards from the center line and mark the position of the two fixing holes of the sink using the measurement taken previously. How Long a Pipe take to Freeze

You now have the location for your wall anchors.

Wall preparation
Before drilling the anchor points, we recommend that you check:

  • Not to be above hidden electrical outlets or pipes
  • The wall you are drilling can withstand such a load
  • You have everything you need for your safety.
  • Now you can then proceed to drill the fixing holes using an appropriate drill, making sure to keep it perpendicular to the wall. Then, insert the dowels, tapping them gently with a hammer until they flatten against the wall.


For this next step, you may need a hand. First, insert the anchors into the wall anchors and tighten them with a wrench. Leave enough anchor wire protruding from the wall to secure the sink.

Place the sink on the wall plugs and make sure it is flush with the wall with a spirit level. Ask a friend to hold the sink and mount the fanged sleeve, washer, and nut on each wall anchor. Check that the sink is level and then tighten the nuts. Your sink is now attached to the wall.