How To Handle Your Toddler During Meal Times

Ensuring your toddlers eats a full meal can be a daunting task. It is almost as if they can sense your frustration and find ways to make the process more difficult. Ranging from fussy eaters to toddlers who have more food on the ground and on their clothes rather than in their mount, feeding times are a lot. However, making sure kids have a full meal with the right diets are mandatory. Each time meal prep comes around there a few things that will help you get their attention better to ensure what they eat goes straight inside.

Use toys

A toddler’s attention span is quite small so you will need toys that keep them going till their meals are done. This could be to colour something such as drawing book, playing with figures such as the farm animals etc. or even drawing shapes in flour that is spread across the table. When a toddler is occupied, it can be easier to feed them as they are too caught up in what they’re doing. This might take a few tries but it is a suggestion that is bound to work almost every time.

Making sure they’re comfortableToddler

Where your toddler sits to eat can tell a lot about if they are happy to eat or not. Comfortable seating for proper digestion is all important factors even if we do not realize it. Something that will not only help the feeding process of your child but also make sure there are limited distractions around them is to invest in Charlie Crane High chairs. They are comfortable and durable chairs to be used for your toddler for any situation.

Make tasty food

There are plenty of pre made mixes that can be turned into food for your toddler. Ranging from porridges to boiled veggies. However, although toddlers require certain nutrients, they still like their food to be tasty much like adults. Try changing up boring preparations by including various recipes into them. Here your toddler can feel the variation and even adapt them to different types of taste. This way they are motivated to eat and may enjoy the meal process.

Add in some discipline

Many times, toddlers feel as if they are able to run wild during meal time as nobody has corrected them. Parents rather run around the house trying to feed them rather than disciplining them to sit at the table. They may throw a few tantrums but in time this will become a habit through a form of discipline. This small process will help you when you are eating out at restaurants and places that are not your home. Your toddler will be aware of the table rules and act accordingly.

Instil proper eating habits

During the early stages of a child are the best time to instil certain habits such as eating at the table, not using any devices and making sure to finish all the food that has been served to their plate. By showing them these good eating habits, they will grow up to be well behaved individuals who are aware of how eat correctly at a table.

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