How To Get Xpressbees Franchise? Cost, Apply Online, Contact Number

Xpressbees Franchise: If you are thinking of starting a new business and that business is associated with a courier company, then xpressbees franchise is the best option for you because the process of working in it with profit is also very simple and the company has its own network too. It is good that you will not lack work.

As you know that people do online shopping to save their time or if they want to get some goods from somewhere, then they use a courier and when it comes to the courier company, the name of Xpressbees Franchise Company comes first because it along with the reliable company, it is also very good in terms of its service, due to which the company has a lot of customers and in order to serve them, the company wants to open some new franchisees so that the speed of service is fast and the company is India’s largest courier company remained.

If you also want to open Xpressbees Courier Franchise in collaboration with the company, then read this article till the end, you will get all the information in it.

What is Xpressbees Courier Franchise?

Before starting this business, you should also know a little about the company, then let us tell you that Xpressbees Couriers Limited is a Courier and Logistics company, this company provides Domestic and International Courier and Logistic Services. This company handles 2.7+ Million per day shipments and has 3,000+ offices and service centers and 52+ airport connections and the company has a 2,500+ city network.

The company does business at a good level within India and the company will grow a lot in the times to come as in 2021, e-commerce sales will reach USD 1.5 trillion, and so that matter, the courier industry will also grow at the rate of 20-25% so the company is also going to do well, now the company is opening its new branch to increase its network, for which the company is giving its franchise, so if any person can take Xpressbees Couriers Franchise.

What are the requirements to start Xpressbees couriers franchise?

If someone takes the Xpressbees Courier franchise, then many things are required such as:-

●      Space requirement

●      Documentation required

●      Equipment required

●      Employee requirement

●      Investment requirement

●      Office/Godown will be required.

●      Computer, Printer, Scanner, Barcode Scanner, and Internet are needed for office work.

●      KYC document is required.

●      You will have to keep Cargo Van (5cm Load Capacity) with you, for this you will have to spend.

●      Delivery Boys will be needed.

●      Vehicles will be required for delivery.

●      Land for the franchise

●      Within its business you need land for Office/Godown and some parking.

Total Space Requirement– 1000 Square Feet To 1500 Square Feet

Documents for Xpressbees Franchise Dealership

To start the business of this company, some documents have to be given to the company which help you to take the company’s xpressbees franchise which is as follows.

Personal Document (PD): – There are many documents inside the Personal Document such as:-

●      ID Proof: Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, Voter Card

●      Address Proof:- Ration Card, Electricity Bill,

●      Bank Account With Passbook

●      Photograph, Email ID, Phone Number

●      Other Documents

●      TIN No. & GST No.

●      Complete Property Document With Title & Address

●      Lease Agreement

●      NOC

Investment for getting Xpressbees Franchise

In this, the company’s franchise fee is charged, but when you get this franchise, then some expenses have to be incurred to run it like:-

●      Office Expense (Rent, Electricity, Internet, Phone, and Office Accessories Expense)

●      Cargo Van (5cm Load Capacity) Expense

●      Delivery Boy Salary Expense

●      Delivery Petrol Expense

●      Other Expense

Around Rs. 10 Lakhs To Rs. 15 Lakhs (if own land)

The biggest expense comes inside it, that island, so we give you some tips on investment and land-related expenses which will reduce your investment significantly.

Tips – But don’t buy land initially, take it on rent and rent it out thinking that you are paying a worker’s salary, it will have a lot of impact on your investment and there will be a decrease in investment when your business comes in good profit. You can buy your land.

Tips – If you want to start this business and you do not have money, then the Government of India has run a scheme named Pradhyamantri Mudra Yojana, under this, you need to start this business by the Government of India at a very low interest.

How to Register Online for Xpressbees Couriers Franchise

Delivery of Franchise To take a franchise, you have to apply online, let us tell you about it.

1. First of all go to the official website of Xpressbees Courier

2. On the home page, the option of Contact Us. will be found, click on it, then a form will open

3. Download the form and then fill it out and send it to the company along with all the documents

4. Then the company will contact after a few days

Xpressbees Franchise Contact Number

Tel no. : +91 (020) 4911 6100

Email: [email protected]