How to Get Hired Remotely and Make Money from Anywhere

Remote Jobs

In this day and age, everyone is in search of flexible ways to earn money at their own convenience and ease. Having to worry about your location in order to work has been a universal issue for people who travel frequently or have a conveyance issue to make it to workplaces.

Sipping on coffee in your pajamas without the stress of how you present yourself to your colleagues can be very liberating. Any contact you make while working online is through emails or other meeting tools – possible only through stable network connections after you’ve contacted your Cox customer support number. But the actual question of how to let these employers find their way to you remains. Don’t worry, there are platforms that can make that happen for you.

  • LinkedIn

This is a huge website to connect recruiters, colleagues, and different companies from all over the world. Employers everywhere are looking to hire people. LinkedIn is a place full of business and job opportunities. If you’ve got an up-to-date and aesthetic profile, you’re already halfway there to getting yourself your desired remote job. By typing jobs and selecting remote as your location, you’ll be exposed to infinite opportunities from around the globe.


Specifically dedicated to remote jobs, this website helps you find remote jobs that are either full-time or part-time, hence giving you a variety of options to choose from at your convenience. Moreover, this website is not bound to finding you jobs in specific fields, ds, in fact, you can choose from marketing, healthcare, customer service, visual assistants, developers, design, IT, data entry, sales, and even marketing.

  • FlexJobs

One of the first websites to start the concept of remote jobs online, this platform differs from other sites in reference to subscription models. Unlike other websites, you cannot access Flexjobs for free as it requires you to subscribe to their provided packages which give them a profile of each and every individual subscriber, helping them to show you jobs by your preference and best match.

  • WeWorkRemotely

This platform links you to some of the best remote jobs out there and is regularly updated, keeping you up-to-date with any potential new openings coming your way. The options from this site might overlap with job posts from other sites, but sometimes you might be able to find different ones too.


This is one of the first few job boards that started posting about remote jobs but recently they lack job posts for certain categories, most of which are not even full-time. But you are guaranteed to find something here as they still post remote jobs but just with less variety now.


This website is relatively new in the remote job world and lets you span through a variety of remote job culture resources apart from posting only job listings. This platform offers a community for remote workers all over the world and lets them connect with each other giving you resourceful tips about the remote job world, and letting you learn from them. With slightly more focus on start-up and tech industries, this site offers a huge list of companies hiring remotely, to choose from.

Cold Email

Often times you can get to know about companies. That offer remote jobs but you don’t see any new job openings or posts from their end. In such scenarios, you might want to reach out to their CEO or hiring manager yourself. By sending them an email showing you are open to remote jobs and interested in applying.


Socializing and connecting with people either through job posting platforms, social media. Or even in person can get you vast opportunities. Even if a certain remote job is not listed anywhere online. You might be able to know about it through word of mouth and consequently apply if you’re interested.


Freelance jobs are in high demand in this era of online networking. This requires you to think of all the skills you possess. And use them to work for someone online who is in need of them. You can check on different platforms for companies that are hiring freelancers and get going with your remote work.


Come to think of it, there is a sea of opportunities waiting for you. When you start to explore your potential options. Remote jobs might even be the future of job roles in reference to how people might work in the future. Even though you get to do these from the comfort of your homes or anywhere in the world. You still need to get things done on time with absolute focus and dedication.