How to Fix The Dot Sidewalk Repair Violations of Your Home or Shop In New York City

How to Fix Dot Sidewalk Violations In NYC

Sidewalks should be free from cracks, holes, and slopes that are not correct and improper. It is the responsibility and obligation of the property owner to maintain and repair the sidewalk as necessary. Each year, the city repairs and replaces more than 2,000,000 square feet of sidewalk. You are responsible for maintaining and installing sidewalks on your NYC property. If you do not maintain the sidewalk repair NYC, a violation notice will be sent to you by the DOT within 75 days. It is common for property owners to fix sidewalks before they become unsafe.

Common Sidewalk Repair Defects

Several common issues that could lead to violations include:

  • Collapsed sidewalk
  • Trip hazard
  • Sloppiness is a bad thing
  • Patchwork
  • Hardware trip hazard

What is the Process for Issuing a Violation Notification?

To ensure safety, NYC DOT inspects every sidewalk in the city. Any sidewalk found to be unsafe by inspectors is sent to the property owner. The notice shows the unsafe sidewalk and encourages property owners to fix or replace it as per the requirements. It increases public safety.

You will have 75 days to fix a sidewalk if you receive official notice. The NYC DOT will create a contract if you do not hire a contractor. If you have received multiple notices about sidewalk repair and you still don’t fix it, the NYC DOT may send you the latest violation. All defects that are evaluated must be fixed within the 75-day notice period.

Sidewalks Must be Repaired.

It would be best if you fixed sidewalk violations as soon as possible to avoid penalties. Follow these steps to do this:

Hiring a Licensed Contractor

Select a contractor licensed to do Sidewalk Repair Brooklyn according to NYC DOT specifications. To find a licensed contractor, you can search the database by DCA (Department of Consumer Affairs) to locate one.

After you have selected the right contractor, you will need to look for any consumer complaints. For this purpose, you can contact NYC311..

Sidewalk Construction Permits

You must ensure that your contractors are authorized to repair the sidewalk.

Repairs by DOT NYC

NYC DOT will hire a contractor to repair the sidewalk if you fail to repair it within 75 days, then will be notified to you in writing. Compare the situation with the one that has been repaired, and the contractor will take photographs. The necessary repairs will begin after the contractor has marked the sidewalk flags that need to be replaced. After all, defects have been fixed, and you will be issued a bill by DOF (Department of Finance) and NYC DOT notifying you to delete the violation from your records.

Dismissal Evaluation

After the contractor has repaired your sidewalk, you can request a dismissal inspection by calling NYC311.

All of the following information should be available:

  • Permit number
  • Address of the property
  • Block and lot number
  • Violation number
  • Phone number and email address of the property owner

NYC DOT violation department will later review and verify whether the work is completed or not. Before the inspection, make sure the entire sidewalk is visible. The NYC construction department inspector will verify and confirm whether the work is completed or not. Before the inspection, make sure the sidewalk is clear.

Resolving Sidewalk Violations

Other hired inspectors will perform a re-inspection, even if they don’t have the original report. The inspection team will notify you at least four days in advance. Property owners may request a re-inspection within seven days of receiving notice if the sidewalk defect in the Notice of Sidewalk Violation is not consistent with the sidewalk condition.

You can request a re-inspection within seven days if the sidewalk violation technology notice does not accurately reflect the current condition. NYC DOT will review the sidewalk application and re-inspect your site within 180 days. This will be the final inspection. You will receive the results.