How to Fix “Last Line No Longer Available” on iPhone?

iPhone users who are using an  E-sim the users face some issues and one of those issues is that the last line is no longer available then this is the right blog for you to know about it. First of all let us begin to know what the last line no longer available error message means so let us begin with the same. 

The error message usually refers to affecting the preferred line and if you have more than one cellular plan which is linked to your iphone then you may encounter this problem on your device. You will see that this error message usually appears when the users are trying to make a call from the default sim under the recent call log under phone option. 

There are some ways which you can try to fix the last line no longer available iPhone 13 which the users can try so that they are able to fix this issue and use their iPhone as easily as they used to. You just need to stick to the article till the very end. 

Ways to Fix the Problem of Last Line Not Available –

  1. The first and the most obvious solution is to see if the users are using the latest version of iOS because if you are not then you might face issues with accessing your problem. The minor bugs can occur when you do not update your device. 

The users need to update their software by going to the settings option and when you do this you might be able to fix the issues you are dealing with. 

  • Another common solution users can try to fix iPhone last line no longer available is to first turn on the airplane mode and then turn it on again after some time and once you do this you will find that the errors or the minor glitches you were dealing with have been fixed. It will also reset the network settings of yours so that you can get rid of the issues you have been facing. 

If you want to know more such ways which you can try then without any delay the users should immediately visit the website where the users are going to get all the information which they are looking for. Plus, the interface of the site is easy and simple and it will let the users know about it. 

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