How To Find Dog Stores

Do you like to go out and walk with your beloved partner? Finding dog-friendly stores and restaurants is easier than you think. But what does “dog friendly” mean? Is it as simple as letting your dog indoors or is there more? When you go to a dog-friendly store, what are the benefits?

What Makes A Shop Or Restaurant Dog-Friendly?

There are dogs and there are already dogs. So what’s the difference? First, at least, dog-friendly stores allow all local dogs, not just service dogs, inside the store or on the restaurant patio.

This does not mean that they will be allowed free movement. Dogs are usually required to be on a leash, as most cities and counties prohibit letting your dog off leash in public places. Plus, it’s safer for your dog if other dogs are on a leash because you don’t know how fearful or aggressive other dogs might be.

The next step in becoming more dog-friendly is to introduce snacks. These dog-friendly businesses often provide fresh drinking water and/or treats. Additionally, some dog-friendly restaurants will offer a special menu for dogs.

Finally, dog-friendly companies truly care about your pets. They offer themed nights for dogs (dog birthdays, anyone?) or photo shoots (think photos with Santa or the Easter bunny). They offer free samples or cute dog bands from the store or restaurant. And they take pictures of their dogs or order pictures to hang in stores or restaurants. A canine can also be an employee especially responsible for clients.

Which Stores Allow Dogs?

Most pet stores will accept dogs if you keep your dog on a leash. Local hardware stores, garden stores, daycare centers, sporting goods stores, and department stores also won’t mind bringing your dog.

Here Are The 5 Most Popular Dog Stores In The United States:

  • Pets
  • Petco
  • House Depot
  • Lowes
  • Harbor Freight Tools

Other popular dog stores include Tractor Supply Company. and Bass Pro Shops, Nordstrom, LL Bean, Pottery Barn, Barnes & Noble.

Resources For Finding Dog-Friendly Stores

Dog-friendly stores or restaurants often have signs at their entrances. The website or phone number can be accessed if you are not sure.

Websites like and are great for finding restaurants, stores, and even dog parks. Or you can do a quick Google search or check out christolystboerboels list of the best dog-friendly restaurants in the country.

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When Is It Not Appropriate To Take Your Dog To The Store?

Some stores or restaurants only allow service dogs, which do not include emotional support animals (ESAs). Assistance dogs must be licensed as such and intended for people with medical needs. When it comes to canine bases, ESA dogs are usually grouped with regular pets.

What Can You Do To Prepare Your Dog For A Trip To The Store?

Teach your dog the basic signs of good manners in public:

  • Sitting
  • To stay
  • Let it fall
  • Leave him alone
  • Lay down

United States restaurants and stores are dog-friendly. Whether it’s a local chain or company, with a quick search online, you can find new places in your city where your dog goes.