How to Extend the Lives of Your Aging Chaise Lounge Covers

Chaise Lounge Covers

These days, the fabrics used to manufacture chair and lounge covers are extremely durable. These covers are typically made of synthetic materials. These materials are resistant to sunlight damage. They’re also durable enough to not suffer from wear or tears.

The latest chaise lounge covers are also waterproof. That means users can remove them any time they look dirty and toss them in the washing machine. These removable covers look as good as new after these cleaning sessions.

But, time isn’t anyone’s friend – even premium-quality chairs or lounge covers. Years of dirt and grime accumulation can damage even the toughest of covers. This type of long-term damage is hard to fix with machine washing.

Protecting Furniture Covers

People love using furniture covers because they’re low-maintenance items. According to home improvement experts, maintaining these covers is super-easy when they’re new and in good condition.

These covers only need quick vacuuming and regular wipe-downs with cloths dipped in mild detergents to stay clean. But, when these covers become older, scrubbing off stubborn grime or dirt off them becomes harder.

Users rightfully don’t wish to damage the fabrics of these covers by brushing or rubbing them too hard. So, what can furniture cover owners do to keep the fabrics of their covers strong and fresh? It’s all about taking simple and strategic maintenance steps every day.

Here’s how homeowners should protect their furniture covers.

Daily Maintenance

Taking these daily maintenance steps will help you maintain your chaise lounge cover’s freshness. Every day –

  • Check for stains on the cover.
  • Take the cover off and shake it hard to get rid of dust and debris on its surface.
  • If you find stains, use a microfiber cloth dipped in mild soap and warm water to rub them off.

Every day, follow these steps and dry the cover in the sun. Don’t use the covers until they’re completely dry. Taking these steps daily will prevent fading, tearing, and premature aging of your lounge chair covers.

Monthly Maintenance

To give your lounge chair covers high-quality, monthly maintenance, you’ll have to follow the seller’s instructions. Check the cover’s labels to see if the product is machine washable. If it is good (most modern-day furniture covers are).

  • Learn about what fabrics your cover is made of.
  • Look up what temperatures are best for washing items made of these fabrics. Machine-wash the covers at specific temperatures regularly.
  • Only reuse the covers once they’re 100% dry.

Whenever you notice that dust/dirt starting to accumulate on the covers, machine wash them as quickly as possible.

How to Store Lounge Chair Covers?

Lounge chair covers won’t be in use 24×7. So, what happens to them when they’re stored inside closets? Well, they can still gather debris or dust especially if they’re stored poorly. To properly store your lounge chair covers, take these steps –

  • Fold up the covers in half until they’re at the desired sizes.
  • Store the covers inside water-proof bags or containers.
  • Keep these bags or containers away from sunlight and moisture.

Take these steps and your lounge chair covers will remain fresh and new for several years.

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