How to Enter the IRCTC Full Form in Computer

When you have to book airplane or train tickets online, you should know how to enter the IRCTC full form on your computer. This sub-company of the Indian Railways isn’t widely known and is often used in the context of a joke. However, this term can actually help you when you need to make a reservation. Its customer-friendly policy makes it a great place to go for your travel arrangements.

IRCTC is a sub-company of Indian Railways

IRCTC is an online service for booking railway tickets. The Indian Railways started using it in 1999, which was a first attempt at going digital. While its original purpose was to check a passenger’s reservation status, IRCTC has expanded its service to include money-related services, such as rail ticketing. The company is currently debt-free and plans to raise its annual revenue by 50%.

It has over 20 million registered users and has a strong operating system across different segments. In addition to rail tickets, IRCTC provides catering services, packaged water and tourism services. The company also holds a monopoly on train services in India. During peak travel times, over half of all passenger trips are booked through the IRCTC website. The company is also planning to invest in new plants to increase its capacity to handle increased passenger demand.

It has a customer-friendly policy

One of the most prominent benefits of IRCTC is its customer-friendly policy. In this way, the organization is able to improve the quality of its services and also expand its customer base. Here are some ways through which IRCTC can improve customer service. Read on to find out more. Listed below are some of the most important aspects of its customer-friendly policy. You must read them to benefit from them.

The first step in canceling a ticket is to provide the agent with the passenger’s mobile number. After booking a ticket, a customer will receive a text message with an OTP that must be shared with the agent to complete the refund request. The same procedure applies to fully wait-listed and dropped tickets. When booking tickets in bulk, passengers must provide the mobile number of only one passenger, and they must ensure that the agent records the correct number.

It does not maintain the privacy of data

Many people wonder whether using IRCTC’s full form on a computer will compromise their privacy. It is not surprising given the high rate of online data breaches in recent years. The organization says it protects personal information and does not divulge it to third parties unless the user explicitly requests it. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that any user would be comfortable submitting their full details to a third party.

A Cybele report found 900,000 user records belonging to the IRCTC, a subsidiary of the Indian Railways that deals with online ticketing, catering, and tourism operations. The user who shared the data did not ask for payment or claim responsibility for its exfiltration. Neither did they post a ransom note to demand payment. The data leaked include full names, date of birth, gender, marital status, city, state, and email addresses.

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