How to Enhance Your Mobile Network with Telstra Mobile Booster?

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected via a strong and reliable mobile network is necessary. Whether it’s for social interactions, work or accessing information through the internet, 5-bar cellular signal strength is crucial to enjoying uninterrupted mobile communication. However, dropped calls and weak signals are the most common issue worldwide that often hinders your mobile experience, which can be frustrating sometimes. This is where a reliable Telstra mobile booster comes into the picture, which offers seamless connectivity to improve your poor mobile network.

In Australia, Telstra mobile boosters are the most in-demand and convenient solution to get rid of poor cellular signals. Actually, Telstra is Australia’s largest and fastest mobile network service provider. However, when it comes to providing full five bars with great signal strength, some regions still experience poor signals, especially in rural areas. Fortunately, with a wide range of Telstra mobile signal boosters, you can relish improved phone signals, expanded network coverage and faster data speeds. Let’s delve deeper into such a technical topic and figure out everything about this demanding and cost-effective device.

What is a Telstra Mobile Booster?

Telstra signal boosters are devices designed to boost mobile signals and expand network coverage in weak reception areas. These boosters catch the weak signals, amplify them and then transmit the boosted signals throughout the designated area. The whole process is executed via three main complements of this device, which are an external antenna, amplifier, and internal antenna.

What are the Benefits of Telstra Mobile Booster?

In this segment, we will discuss the benefits of installing Telstra signal boosters.

Improved Signal Strength

These cellular signal boosters are specifically designed to boost your weak mobile signals to provide you more reliable mobile connection. With these signal boosters, you can enjoy smooth and crystal-clear phone calls and enjoy fast data speeds, even in areas with almost no signals.

Expanded Coverage

Installing signal boosters not only provides you with boosted signals but also expands your mobile network coverage. This means you will get seamless access to phone calls with better mobile coverage even in dead zones. From basements and thick walls to rural areas, you can make phone calls and stay connected with the outer world by using signal boosters.

Faster Data Speeds

Higher signal strengths increase the data transfer speed in your cellular devices. Hence, you can enjoy smooth video streaming, fast downloads, and buffer-free browsing while using mobile devices. Such fast internet speeds will allow you to access information on the go and get entertained whenever you want.

How Does a Reliable Telstra Signal Booster Work?

These mobile signal boosters are designed to boost the 3G, LTE, and 4G signals where there is poor coverage of the mobile network. In the process, the booster receives the existing poor signals from the nearest mobile tower and boosts it up to five bars. All Telstra users can enjoy uninterrupted phone calls by using these cellular signal boosters. After all, these boosters are specially designed to function on the exact same frequencies which Telstra cellular network use.

The external antenna (receiver) receives the outside weak signals from the nearest mobile tower and sends them to the amplifier. Besides, there must be at least one bar of mobile signal coverage for a booster device to work. After receiving the outside signal through an external antenna, the amplifier boosts the received signals and sends them to the internal antenna (broadcaster). This internal antenna then broadcasts the amplified cellular signals throughout the building to make five bars of signal strength with better coverage.

How to Choose the Right Telstra Mobile Booster?

In this section, we will provide you with the key considerations to choose the right mobile booster to enjoy smooth phone calls. From home, large buildings, shopping centres, stadiums, and universities, to apartments, a wide range of mobile signal boosters are available depending on the area. That’s why,

  • Consider your target area where you want a mobile signal booster and choose the device specification accordingly.
  • Make sure that the Telstra Mobile Booster you are choosing is compatible with the frequency of Telstra cellular towers in your area.
  • If you’re not sure about the technicality or need advice on the right booster, reach out to the Telstra specialist team.

What are the Steps to Install Telstra Mobile Booster?

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your mobile signal booster.

  • Figure out the area outside your building and install the external antenna exactly there to capture signals.
  • Mount your external antenna in an elevated position, especially on the rooftop for optimal signal reception.
  • Make sure the external antenna is securely fastened to the amplifier.
  • Install the internal antenna inside the centre of your building to ensure the even distribution of boosted signals throughout the building.
  • Make sure that your internal antenna is mounted at an adequate height and is connected to the amplifier as well.
  • Connect the amplifier with both external and internal antennas through cables.
  • Supply power to the amplifier as per the instructions of the authorised Telstra mobile booster providers.
  • Now, turn on your mobile devices and check the signal strength whether it is a booster or not.
  • Adjust the positioning of both antennas (if necessary) to get desired outcomes.

The Final Words

A reliable Telstra mobile booster captures your poor mobile signals, amplifies them and then broadcasts the boosted and strong signal throughout the building. As a result, you get expanded mobile network coverage and faster data speeds. But, make sure to choose the right mobile boosters because there is a wide range of boosters available to choose from.

From 800-2100 MHz frequencies, different types of boosters are available for different types of signals such as 3G, LTE, 4G or 5G. If you select the right booster, and get the proper installation of the device, you can enjoy smooth phone calls even in dead zones. Besides, you can seek professional assistance (if needed) to enhance your mobile network and get the most out of your Telstra mobile booster.