How to Draw an Owl

How to Draw an Owl

The owl is a bird that is usually associated with knowledge and secret. These mostly night birds move silently in the night air, and their distinctive sounds are common sound effects in frightening films.

Because of their insight into the unknown and the fact that they operate mainly in the darkness of the night, owls have been a favorite among bird lovers for many years. If you also like owls, you may want to learn to shoot yourself.

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Drawing an Owl

Step 1:

For the first step of our guide on drawing an owl, we will use a pencil to draw guide conditions for the remainder of the drawing.

For this step, if you have a lighter pencil, it would be the best because we will erase these lines later.

In this first step, some tools will make things much easier. First of all, having a sovereign will help a lot.

If you have a tool such as a drawing compass for drawing circles, you will also have it much easier! If you don’t have these tools, you can also go slowly and draw them by hand, and you will always have a similar effect.

First of all, draw a straight line on your page. Then you can draw in two ovals that overlap, as seen in the reference image.

Finally, draw three lines horizontally, using the image as a guide on what the spacing should look like.

Step 2:

Now that you have drawn pencil guides, you can start outlining your cabbage.

Using the upper oval you have drawn previously, carefully attract the outline and make two triangular extensions for the feathers on your owl’s head, as you can see in the image.

I would recommend not yet erasing your pencil guides at this stage, as you can always use them for the next steps.

Step 3:

For the thirst of this guide on drawing an owl, you will add the wing to the left—using the lower oval as a reference for the owl’s body.

Use curved lines on the outer edge of the second oval to form the first wing as it appears on the image.

Step 4:

Your owl needs two wings, so for this step, you can repeat the process of step 3 only mirror for the other side.

Step 5:

With the added wings, you can start finishing the body with your owl drawing.

For this step, you can draw three short lines curved under the owl, with the others extending from the end of the wings. You will fill the spaces between them in the next stage!

Step 6:

For the sixth stage of this guide on how to draw an owl, you can add a few feet for your owl.

To do this, draw two rectangles in the spaces you left earlier, then divide each rectangle into 3.

It will show the divisions at the feet of the owl and give it perched on a branch.

Step 7:

At this point, you can start erasing your pencil guides from the first step. Now we are going to add a face for your owl.

In the reference image, we have shown a way to draw a face for your owl, but you can also make your variation by changing certain details!

You can add more or less curved lines and change your eyes and mouth for fun facial expressions!

Once your face is drawn, use curved lines to add a tail under the owl.

Step 8:

How to Draw an Owl

Your owl drawing is almost finished now! He needs a few additional details to finish it.

You can use curved lines on the body to create the appearance of feathers on your owl and lines on the tail.

Are you going to reproduce the details we have in our photo or add some of yours?

Step 9:

How to Draw an Owl

You managed to finish your owl drawing now, but she needs one more thing! This step will be a lot of fun because you can express yourself with beautiful colors.

We show a way to color it with our image, but for this step, you should let your creativity be triggered!

Choosing your favorite colors is a way to customize your drawing, but you can also have fun trying art supports such as acrylic, watercolors, pens, or colored pencils.

The possibilities are endless, and I’m sure it will look amazing when it is done!

5 tips to make your owl drawing even better!

These 5 tips for your Owl Sketch will make it even more amazing!

This cute drawing of an owl we create is proud, but at the moment is sitting in the air. You can make it a little more complete by adding a branch for it to sit.

Owls will be perched on all types of branches and other surfaces, and this simple addition will do a lot to give this image more sense.

After adding something to make the owl sit down, you can create a full background parameter to develop the idea.

It can be anything, from a tree to a scary forest to a room in a zoo. These are just a few ideas, but you can probably think of interesting alternative places in what this owl could be!

An owl is great, but two can be even better! For this reason, we thought adding a friend to this owl design would be fun. Now that you know how to draw an owl, it would be easy to add another scene.

Would you have a similar installation or try something different?

You can also add other animals as you age to the owl. It may include animals such as squirrels, or you can add any number of other bird species.

You may want to keep it in the family and draw other owl breeds next door. Can you think of other animal friends who would go well with this owl?

This Owl outline is so good, and we think how you present it can make it even better! For example, you can sketch it into a large piece of paper to turn it into a poster.

It can also be great to draw it in a box to use as a birthday card or a gift for a loved one. It would be a great way to finish this great owl!

Your owl drawing is complete.

With beautiful colors added, you have learned to draw an owl! This one had some delicate elements, but it can be much easier when you divide it into steps.

Our goal with this direction was to indicate how to plan your drawing before you take it slowly and reach a magnificent drawing at the end!

You can create unique owl designs by changing details, drawing a beautiful background, and experiencing different colors.

The sky is the limitation, and we can barely wait to see the creative keys you add to your drawings.

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