How to draw an axe

How to draw an axe

Learn to draw a beautiful ax with cool drawings instructions easily and step by step and a video tutorial. You can now easily create a magnificent ax drawing. An axe is a cutting tool humans have used since the Stone Age. The first axes were, unsurprisingly, made from sharp stone blocks. Later, rigid handles were counted, and the knives were made of copper, bronze, or iron. Throughout history, the battle areas have mainly had a religious or social meaning. The axes were raw to remove lightning, protect the cultures from bad weather, keep witch -widen, and provide the labor of a son.


Today, this skill has evolved in the sports launch sport. Axes are often common to the set of firefighters, ice climbers, home gardeners, and others. Would you like to draw a cartoon ax? This easy tutorial and step-by-step cartoon object are there to show you how. You need an eraser, a pencil and a sheet of paper. You can color your completed drawing.


Drawing An Axe

Step 1:

Start by drawing the eye of the ax, the top of the handle that exceeds through the top of the axe blade. Utilize a curved line to have an odd rounded body.

Step 2:

Draw curved lines on the apiece flank of the eye to form a “C” shape back. It describes the survey or the butt of the ax head – the rear part that the handle crosses.

Step 3:

Draw a long and short straight line on the ax head, then draw a long curved line exceeding each end. It describes the top of the cheek – the side of the blade – and the curved beard of the ax head, the lower part of the ax head near the handle.

Step 4:

Draw a curved line riding the top of the ax head and another salient of the beard.

Step 5:

Connect the upper and lower flanks of the axe head with a long curved line. It forms the bit or cutting edge of the ax head.

Step 6:

Erase the bit parts and replace them with curved or “U” lines. It indicates damage by use. Draw a long curved line on the cheek, indicating the bit inside.

Step 7:

Extend a long curved line before the eye and double it on itself to form the handle. Note that this widens a little down. It is called the button, preventing the ax from sliding out of the user’s hand.

Step 8:

Draw a curved line on the top of the eye and the butt of the ax, giving them a three-dimensional appearance.

Step 9:

How to draw an axe

Use curved lines to show the hold of the surface of the wood.

Step 10:

How to draw an axe

Color your cartoon ax. The wooden handles are generally brown, and the metal head can be gray, black, or red.

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