How to download YouTube vids

So you want to download a YouTube video? While introductory YouTube only offers downloads for a many named vids in a many named locales, there are ways to download any YouTube videotape you want at any time.

This composition will cover two approaches paying for YouTube Premium and using a free Mac, Windows, or Linux operation.

Your paid option YouTube Premium

I am a big addict of YouTube Premium because it saves my woman and me from enduring most advertisements, but it’s a luxury expenditure. You can subscribe to YouTube Premium for$11.99 a month( or$17.99 a month for a family plan).

My favorite point is a complete lack of Google- handed advertisements. There are no banners, nopre-roll, and no interstitial advertisements. still, if a YouTube channel wants to bed an announcement in a videotape, YouTube Premium won’t filter those YouTuber- bedded advertisements.

YouTube Premium also provides background play and picture- in- picture, YouTube Music, and access to YouTube Originals. I have noway used these three features, but they are part of the Premium package.
YouTube Premium also includes the capability to downloadvideos.

However, you will have a download button in your Web cybersurfer or your phone app, If you have YouTube Premium.

You can find your downloads in the Downloads area of YouTube.

Notice that YouTube says that the downloads are retained as long as you have an internet connection at least formerly every thirty days. That way, YouTube can confirm you’re still a YouTube Premium stoner.
You are not given an easy way to turn that download into a usable videotape train on a desktop device, so if you want to use that videotape for anything other than watching offline, you are kindly
out of luck. The same is true of iOS.

still, if you are an Android stoner with an SD card niche in your phone, you can set the YouTube app settings( tap your profile picture, also Settings, also Downloads) to save vids to your SD card.

So, that is how to download youtube videos into an only slightly usable form for the low-low price of$11.99 per month. But what if you want a better result, and you want to do it for free? Yeah, we’ve you covered.
Your( indeed better) free option ClipGrab

I’ve to give ZDNet’s managing editor props for introducing me to this program a many times agone. I have been using it ever ago.

ClipGrab is a free program available for Mac, Windows, and Linux druggies. The inventor says it’s open source, but the source law is only available for Linux. In any case, ClipGrab jewels.

Point your cybersurfer and click the Show All Download Options link. You will see download links for Mac, Windows, and Linux there. I will show you the Mac interpretation in this composition, but the interface is nearly identical on all three.

Using ClipGrab is easy

Copy the YouTube videotape’s link. You can do this up in your cybersurfer’s URL bar or by clicking the Share button under the videotape itself. Also launch ClipGrab. Make sure you are on the Downloads tab.
Paste in the URL of the videotape you want to download. Eventually, click snare This Clip. There are options you can tweak.

For illustration, you can choose the format you want the videotape to be in when it’s stored on your computer. I generally go with Original, but I will specify commodity differently if that does not work.
You can also choose download resolution.

Depending on the videotape’s original resolution, you can choose to download the full resolution videotape or reduce the resolution to save space. Eventually, tapping the Settings tab lets you customize where ClipGrab deposits your recently downloaded vids.

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