How to determine if a Business Accelerator is right for you and your company

Solopreneur, I want to grow my business. I was humbled by my company’s beginnings and joined an Newchip Accelerator reviews program to help me make this leap of faith.

France is where I was born and raised. In 2007, I moved to Atlanta to work as a communications specialist for the French Foreign Service. Never one to be resolute, I was thrilled to accept the offer to work in New York for a well-respected media company. However, the media group was facing financial difficulties that were beyond my control within six weeks. I was also laid off along with the majority of staff.

Before that day, I hadn’t even considered the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur. I created an LLC overnight out of necessity, relying on my network and communication skills. Angelle Consulting became profitable within the first month, and I haven’t looked back. Soon after, I moved to Atlanta’s warmer climate. My client base grew quickly through word-of-mouth. It was clear that I wanted to raise the voices of Business Accelerator leaders who are committed to success through PR and strategic partnerships.

Recently, my network of subcontractors has grown to the point that I realized my company needs a more sophisticated structure to meet increasing demands. But, more importantly, I want our impact to grow. Imagine if hundreds of companies could be helped to show the amazing work they do to make the world better. Companies are shifting away from “doing nothing” to a positive impact. I am a resource for SMBs that live up to their potential and want to hear their stories.

There were many excuses for me to keep the status quo, so I started to explore podcasts and books about scaling. A structure that was led by peers, where I am not just told what to do, but also benefit from the experiences of others who have gone before me. Another thing I needed was accountability. A platform that would allow me to set ambitious goals, and provide a framework for reporting on my progress.

Clients often hear me tell them that fear and desire are the two most powerful motivators in their lives and communication. Both were found in the EO Accelerator. I was inspired to achieve new heights after witnessing the success of other entrepreneurs. This inspires fear.

It also fosters a sense of community. It is a safe place for you to be vulnerable and authentic. Many of the challenges I face in Business Accelerator aren’t operational. They’re psychological. Fear of failure, fear financial loss, fear success. It was the best place for me to develop as a leader in my business.

However, it is important to find one’s tribe. These steps are helpful for both new and experienced entrepreneurs looking to scale up and grow their business.

Identify the things that are holding you back.

These obstacles may be related to specific pain points, such as pricing strategy, contract agreement or internal KPIs. You might find solutions using readily available resources or subject-matter experts.

Know your growth requirements.

Accelerators are great for general needs (strategic planning or hiring practices, cash flow management, etc.). If your needs are more specific (e.g. international expansion, M&A or a niche industry), you might want to look into programs that focus on exporting and trade associations.

Evaluate your learning style.

Some people learn best with a clear roadmap that outlines each step. Some people, such as myself, learn better by listening to others’ experiences and adapting what they have learned to their own situations. There are many business Newchip Accelerator  programs available, one for every learning style.

My accelerator journey felt like a leap. It’s exciting, thrilling, exhilarating, and nerve-wracking all in one. For a long time I believed that entrepreneurs were defined by their lack of fear. Today, I embrace that fear and help others overcome it. It’s all about purpose. It’s all about perseverance, grit, and hustle. It’s all about being a problem solver at heart.