How to Design Custom Shirts for Corporate Events – 5 Tips to Follow | HIMDIY

Shirts are the most versatile and admired apparel that suits people of all ages. They offer a format yet comfy and relaxed look and sooner, becoming a staple for corporate events.

Have you ever thought about choosing custom shirts for the marketing team or upcoming event? Well, if not, please do, it can be a wonderful promotional strategy to bring brand awareness and build credibility. Personalized shirts with a company logo, slogan, or one-line mission statement can make an unforgettable appeal to your prospective buyers and clients.

Do you know what makes a good company shirt? And where to get started? If you’re in a need of custom shirts for an upcoming corporate event for your employees and clients, this post will help you create company shirts everyone will adore.

  1. Select apparel that suits your needs

The most important aspect is – the apparel. This is what you and your team will proudly wear and represent the company every single day. Choose one that is appropriate, looks good, and is comfortable to wear. You can design shirts, t-shirts, and button-up shirts in multiple fabric options.

Ask yourself:

  • What’s the purpose of these shirts?
  • Who will wear them?
  • How often will they be worn?
  • What is the budget?


  1. Pick the Best Color

From a marketing perspective, a custom shirt will dedicatedly contribute to the psychology of color and how it affects your customer behavior. So, stick to your well-established brand colors to represent value and ethics. Think about basic colors that suit everyone, as not everyone looks good in bright orange or red, but in a subtle color like navy blue, black or white.

  1. Print Logo in the Right Place

Sticking to standards is always great. The standard place for the logo would be a left chest and full back combination. For executives, servers, sales representatives, and similar profiles, an embroidered left chest logo is a classic way to create a custom company shirt.

  1. Choose a Message that Attracts

When you design a customized shirt for a business event, the message plays a vital role. It is crucial to understand what kind of message you’re trying to convey and put that message out there with clarity and perfection. A strong message can help establish a sense of trust and gives additional details about your brand.

  1. Order more than you think you need

It is always a good idea to order more shirts in the first place. The extras come in useful when an employee loses, stains, or damages their shirt. Be sure to order shirts in different sizes and styles to fit the wearer’s requirements. Also, placing an order in bulk can help reduce the cost per item and avoid reordering the same products anytime soon.

Wrapping Up

There is something valuable to be said for legacy designs and logos that have been around since a company’s inception. We’d highly recommend printing the company’s logo, powerful message, typefaces, clip art, layouts, and other combinations when designing a personalized shirt for an upcoming corporate event.