How Do I Deactivate My Account on Messenger?

Many Facebook users are in a troublesome state of affairs once it involves social media – they require to deactivate their account, however, they do not need to deactivate Facebook fully. If you are attempting to work out a way to bed while not deleting your account on Facebook messenger or other apps like Instagram, Facebook’s messenger may be the answer!

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What are Facebook Messenger And the way I Exploit it?

A Facebook messenger could be an electronic communication app that you just will use on your desktop or phone. It’s different from different electronic communication apps as a result of it includes options like voice and video calls, cluster messages, and more. you’ll conjointly use it to speak with folks that aren’t on Facebook.

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How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger

Deactivating a messenger account could be a good way to prevent exploitation of the app, however, it isn’t thusle} thanks to doing so. Here’s a way how to deactivate your account on Facebook messenger:

1. Log in to

2. underneath the most menu on the left, click on Account Settings.

3. Under Deactivation choices, click on Deactivate My Account on the next page.

4. Click on Deactivate My Account once more if you wish to substantiate your call.

How to Deactivate Facebook Messenger while Not Deleting My Facebook

If you wish to deactivate your Facebook account while not deleting your Facebook account, there are 2 ways to try to do it. The primary approach is to travel to the Account Settings page and underneath Deactivating Your Account, click on the button. The second approach is to open messenger and click on the gear icon within the high right corner and choose to Deactivate My Account.

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If {you need|you would like|you wish} to deactivate your Facebook messenger account however don’t want to delete your Facebook account, there’s a way to try to do it while not deleting your Facebook account. To deactivate your Facebook messenger account while not deactivating Facebook, follow these steps: Log in to your Facebook account. Click on the 3 lines within the top-right corner of the post screen. underneath “Settings,” click on “Account Settings.” underneath “Messenger,” click on the computer menu next to “Your Account Name.” choose “Deactivate Your Account.” when you’ve created this choice, click on the blue button that says “Deactivate Your Account.”

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