How to create an ecommerce logo: a detailed guide


Have you ever seen a brand that goes without a logo? We bet you won’t have seen any. There are numerous brands in the world and all of them have a logo to represent them. It goes without saying how important a logo can be, in a company- then be it an ecommerce logo, logistics, or for an IT firm. In our previous blogs and a lot of other places we have already discussed the importance of a logo for your company or brand. It not just helps in creating a buzz about your presence but also immensely helps in marketing your product to your customers.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the various aspects of creating a logo. This will be a detailed guide for those who are either starting up or already have an ecommerce business.

Firstly it is very important to know as to why do you want a logo? Or what does your ecommerce brand need a logo? So the basic thing that a logo creates is abuzz in the society. According to research, it was seen that even younger children remember the logos of their favourite brands. Whatever they eat, drink, flour, make in use any of the products-they always remember the logo. That is how they buy the same product over and over. Irrespective of the business or vertical you are going to deal with, having a logo is important because it creates muscle memory that can be recalled or gets recalled when needed.

We also know that the logo is a combination of visual elements and some lucrative texts. It can also be a complete either of the two.

You have to make it very clear that a logo is not just a picture that you can pick up from your gallery and paste it on every product or service that you offer. It is an art and a way to create something much better than a picture. A logo that your business or your product bears on itself is kind of a representative of your brand. So here are a few things that an ecommerce brand owner has to keep in mind.

Keep it unique

The foremost thing that you should keep in mind while beginning to think about your logo is its uniqueness. You can use simple characters or images or even graphics or even cartoons- but it should be related to your product or services and also should trigger people to grab it. A lot of business owners copy a small part of their competitor and put it on their logo. Even if it is about the colour, you should refrain from doing so. You can take clues from your competitors and other places but copying should not be done. Your logo should be unique so that if someone likes your product they can remember the logo and go to the market or online business place to get it. The same happens with an e-commerce company. There are so many competitors out there in the online market. If you are able to create a unique logo which is visually pleasing, it would give your brand a new identity.

Keep it simple

Even if you have a look at your competitors which are the other e-commerce companies that are already established or working in the market. You will notice that their logos are simple. The next thing that you should brainstorm on, is the fact that why do people of e-commerce create simple logos? That’s because it is easier to remember and you would not want your customers to either confuse or forget your logo. That is the reason having a simple and good logo is important for your business. You can simply look for options that can be ideal for your logo.

Keep it Original

This is another very important thing that you should not forget while creating a logo or getting it created by someone else. Originality is what you will be known for. It surely is very difficult to know or understand how to create an original logo that looks compatible with your business, but that is what you have to do. Try making an original logo that is recognisable and easy to memorise. Maybe you can create a visually pleasing logo or try connecting peoples emotion with your logo. This will infuse a positive vibe to them and they would surely want to try your website.

Which type of logo should you get?

Actually this is a pretty difficult question to answer because there are all different types of logos that you get in the market. And e-commerce is one of those verticals where you can consider using any kind of logo because you are going to sell everything. But if you aren’t specifically channelising your business into a particular domain for example groceries, technology items, home decor, any such single vertical you can then create a logo that works for the same. After all you have to get a logo that resonates with your brand and whatever you are selling.

  • One of the most common logos that you will see in the market for e-commerce companies is a “textual logo.” There are further divisions even in this but a textual logo is a very important, easy, for a modern brand. But then even in this you will have to consider picking up either abbreviation, only of brand-name, or a mixture of both these things. You will have to choose the text wisely so that it resonates with your brand. The next thing That you will have to do is pick the font and size. There are some podcast logos that fall under this category.


  • The next type of logo that you will see in the market is a graphical logo. In this, you get all the options of signs, symbols, characters, abstract elements, and all the similar items. When you talk about graphical logo design this is usually made and used by food brands. But that doesn’t mean that the other brands are not using this type of logo.


  • Then comes another type of logo which is named as combined logo. According to a survey, it was seen that 64% brands that are coming up in the market use the combined type of logo. In this you get a combination of an image and a text. In this you can pick up a text or a graphic or an emblem or something that looks very good. You might have already seen signboards and banners, that also falls in this category where you have an image and some text correlating with each other. And both these things work together to make others understand about the brand. So, you can choose this also for your e-commerce website.


This blog has helped you in understanding the importance of a logo and also to figure out how to get one for your e-commerce business. Apart from these, if you wish to create a coach logo or anything similar to this we have it for you. There are a lot of companies that can help you in creating a very engaging and lucrative logo for your company. All you need to do is have a look at the market be it the online or the offline market and then decide which one of them can be your best bet. And if you are just starting your business and have a financial crunch then we suggest that you can bank on the logos that are created from Sri logo makers. With the help of AI, these websites have now come to the forefront.