How to Create an Easter Themed Gift Kraft Box

Learn how to make the best gift card boxes for this Easter that make the days of your friends and family. Here are the top 6 ideas for the right card holder for you. A few days left to Christmas and after that, all of you start the preparation for Easter. Picking a gift for your loved ones and family is a challenging task that brings headaches. On every even, well-known brands and businesses develop their unique gift card offer that allows you to customize the tags as per your choice. How would your friend feel when he receives the gift vouchers with the goodies basket? Of course, it will make their day but make them more special by presenting the coupons in the right gift Kraft boxes.

No more Candies and Chocolates

Indeed, everyone loves to get sweets and chocolates as their gift for Easter. On this eve, you like to give something meaningful and useful as a gift, then get your hands on the gift tags.  Do not forget to make the presentation as appealing as the candies boxes because they will feel special. So, why not create an Easter theme gift card carrier to showcase the card and present it to your older kids and help them pick their gift by themselves.

With many discount vouchers option in the market, you never go wrong with these gifts. Here you can choose their favorite cafe or store, a hobby they like to buy, or an activity they love to do. Instead of handing over their card or placing it in the traditional basket, you can cover it in a unique manner with the right cardholder.

Some Creative and Unique gift card boxes ideas

There are many creative and cute Easter card holder ideas, and what makes it more appealing is its making. It is simple to make these crafts with little effort. So here mind blowing ideas for this Easter, and let the smile rule on the face of your loves after receiving the card in the superb cases.

Bunny-Shaped Holder

This case is easy to make and needs little material. Most of you must have all the necessary stuff at your home like:

  • Cardboard sheet or Color paper
  • Markers
  • Glitter

All you need is to cut and fold the sheet and past the paper ears of the rabbit. When you fold the sheets, it makes a pocket where you can put the gift cards. Do not forget to draw bunnies’ eyes and noses with colorful markers.

Make it more appealing with beautiful Ester messages like:

  • Happy Easter
  • My God shower his Blessing
  • Have Blesses Eve

Hopping Bunny Case

Let the rabbit deliver a special gift to your family. You can create this plain coupon carries by using a single sheet of paper in any color. Ideally, white goes great with the Easter theme.

For this all, you need three things:

  • White computer sheet
  • Marker
  • Glue

You can draw the template with a marker or print it from the internet and cut the outlines using scissors. Secure the edges with glues, and you are good to go. Adjust the sizes of the holder as per the size of gift cards.

Paper Plate Card Holder

Try out the paper plate cardholder as simple for toddlers but cute enough for the grown-up kids.

You can create this useful carrier with handles by using:

  • Two paper plates of small sizes
  • Marker
  • Glow
  • Ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Crayons

Follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Cut one paper plate in a half-moon shape.
  • The glue that plates at the back of another paper plate and it makes a basket
  • Now it’s time to cut the bunny’s ears and paste them as shown in the image.
  • Price small hole on sides and ribbon for the handle.
  • Place gift cards with some sweet eggs.

Easter Gift Voucher Carrier

Here is one more beautiful gift card holder for you, and it simple to make with some creativity. Why don’t you place the card in the cracked eggs? Do not forget to paste the half-cracked shell at the back of the card. It shows as the surprise is just coming out from the body. You can use any color sheet as the background and ribbons to boost its display.

Pearl Egg Tags Boxes

This holder looks complex, but IT is super easy to makes.

For this, all you need:

  • Pattern foam sheet of any colors
  • Pearls or Beats
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Follow the steps carefully:

  • Measure the size of the voucher, then draw an egg outline on the foam sheet.
  • Cut the design and get two eggs
  • Take one egg and cut it vertically, and paste it on the other oval shape.
  • It looks like a windowpane and places a discount coupon.
  • Secure the panel with a ribbon.

Custom Boxes

Easter egg Card Holder

Take the cardboard sheet to make this beautiful Easter basket for eggs and cards. Cut the sheet with a scissor in egg shapes and paste some floral glaze paper on it and Join the two oval sheets with some kraft paper and make a base with it. Fill the basket with Easter grass and place the card on it. Place the cases at your kids’ side table to surprise them on Eve morning.

Make It Simple Make It Cute.

Sometimes less is more. If you’re not into much creative ideas and craft, then go for this cardholder. You can buy them from packaging companies. They can customize the color schemes and images as per the Easter theme. If you want one or two, then create it using coloring cardboard sheets and glue, and do not forget to add beautiful notes.

Easy and Quick Gift Card Boxes

These holders are best for any occasion—all you need to change is Santa’s monogram and replace it with some colorful Easter eggs image. Take a rectangular-shaped color full sheet to fold it securely with a kraft band. Paste some beats or draw a pattern to make it more appealing and charming.