How to create a Facebook page to earn money

At the present time facebook has become a common thing in India and around the world. Many peoples use this site to share their pictures,happiness,sadness around the world.

At the same time some people used it for making friends around the world and used to chat for hours with them.

But wait do you know that there are some people on facebook who are using this site to earn huge money.

From the word huge I literally means a lot of money which you can’t even think of.

Have you heard the name of “RVCJ”. If you have used facebook then surely you have heard this name. It is a common name in facebook. But wait do you know how much money does it make in a month from it’s facebook page.

You will be surprised to know that it earn more than 50 Lakh per month from its page. Yes you heard it right it’s 50 Lakh.

There are many of them like Bakchod Billi,Narender Modi, Sachin Tendulkar Pages…….which have a huge fan following and likes on facebook.

How to create a Facebook page to earn money

So now let me tell you RVCJ story to get you some inspiration……

RVCJ aka. Rajnikant vs CID Jokes is a well known page in facebook.It all started during the year 2010 approx. date (october 10). At those times there was a heavy buzz about CID show and the Rajnikant starrer Robot movie in the social media .

So an MBA graduate Shahid Javed decided to open a page on facebook just to share jokes and make people laugh and named it Rajnikant vs CID jokes.

So whenever Shahid used to get free time he used to post jokes on this page. And as time passed by, Shahid got tremendous likes on his posts and within a year of creating RVCJ Shahid got 18000 likes on his page.

It was a great achievement and Shahid noticed that a boy used to comment on his posts with his own developed images now so called memes which were really interesting.

The guy’s name was Ankit Mor. Ankit at that time was pursuing MBA. One day he messeged Shahid and asked him “Brother , will you make me admin too at RVCJ?”.

He said Shahid to text jokes and he will make images for him. And Shahid didn’t even think for a second and made Ankit as Admin.

The page was doing fantastic as Shahid focussed on text jokes and Ankit on images. Both of them began to post jokes whenever they used to get time.

But after few months it was difficult for them to manage the page as Shahid had to work from 10 to 6 PM and besides this he also opened up a popular food franchise restaurant, where he used to work from 6 PM to 12 midnight and Ankit too was busy in studying for his exams.

But still they didn’t lose hope and worked day and night and were serious about the page.

Within just 2 years they had received 6 lakh likes on their posts. Then they came up with Piyush Dwivedi (a CA student) as their partner. Piyush was Ankit’s childhood friend and a very hardworking and creative guy.

From 2012, apart from studying for CA exam Piyush started to create funny memes for RVCJ.

During the year 2013, Hardiek Kanteliya also became a part of RVCJ (Popularly known as HK) and was famous for making jokes on current trending topics.

These guys just made people laugh and had no intention of making money out of it. They were doing it for their passion till 2014. Now, 4 years had passed by and page has received 56 lakh likes on Facebook and it has become a well known page for the Indian youth.

Until now, this page has been hacked 4 times but fortunately they have managed to get back the access to the page each time through cybercrime cell.

Now came the entry of Harpreet Bawja. Actually he is the person behind the creation of RVCJ website. He is an intelligent and technical guy.

When he joined RVCJ, he was already working at an MNC at 7 digit salary on high profile job. Finally, on the 4th anniversary (10 Oct, 2014) the official website of RVCJ got released.

After 3 months of the launch of website, Harpreet, Ankit and Shahid quit their jobs as it was difficult for them to manage time. But this was a risky decision for all the three – Shahid, Ankit and Harpreet as they were well settled in their jobs. also check out:- Kartra vs ClickFunnels

Like and share thumbs up symbol for social networking.

But it is rightly said that “ Life is all about taking risks” if you never take a risk, you won’t reach your dreams. And RVCJ also started to earn money online as time passed by.

So long story short….If you wanted to earn money through facebook you can earn it but for that you need to be consistent and focussed on you goal.

So how do you create a page ….Follow the below steps…Remember it is free of cost and will not require even a penny from you pocket….

To create a Page:

  1. Go to
  2. Click to choose a Page type.
  3. Fill out the required information.
  4. Click Continue and follow the on-screen instructions.

Now after creating a page how you can earn is still a mystery for many of us.To earn from your facebook Page all you need is to get good number of followers and likes on your page.Once you got a good fan base for your page you can start earning from that.

There are many ways by which you can start earning using the facebook page…..

  1. You can do affiliate marketing.
  2. You can sell your own products by displaying on your page.
  3. You can do promotion of the others like movies,songs,politics.

Believe me from these 3 points only you can get income in lakh and do not need to continue your job.

But remember “ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY“. You have to be patient and consistent at the same time.