How to Control your Appetite?

How to Control your Appetite

Working out daily and following a particular diet plan “Control your Appetite” sometimes becomes challenging. We eat as per the planned diet but still sometimes feel hungry and consume irregular diet items (not junk necessarily). Further, most of us end up having one day as a cheat day every week. Why is this so? The answer is appetite.

Sometimes we can’t control our appetite due to the aforementioned reasons. However, it is not that difficult anymore. Since, there are many ways through which now you can control your appetite. Here we have listed some basic ways to control your appetite.

Generally, we feel instant hunger post workout. Moreover, one cannot have a complete meal just after doing the workout. So, what to do? In this case, you can use energy supplements like energy bars which include the best sugar craving suppressants instead of sugar. You can try some light breakfast (Spinach sandwich), including the best appetite suppressants for weight loss. In this way, you can cut 30% of extra cravings and hunger.

  • Include the best natural appetite suppressants like vinegar and cinnamon seeds:

It is always better to choose the best natural appetite suppressant instead of jumping on supplements. Try to include Avocado, Almonds, Coffee, Vinegar and Cinnamon seeds in regular meals. While making coffee or green tea, use jaggery instead of sugar. Add vinegar to the salad dressings and roasted veggies. It will prevent extra calorie gain. You can add cinnamon seeds to the coffee or tea for a sweet smell with a better taste. This will help you to control your appetite because you will feel less hungry now.

  • Choose water, not mixed liquid supplements:

The best way to control appetite is by feeling less hungry. This is possible with a straightforward process. Have a glass of water just 10 minutes prior to having your meal. This will curb hunger to some extent and prevent overeating.

  • Try to have small morsels – eat slowly:

Some people have a habit of eating big morsels with an objective to complete their meal quickly and head towards work. Ideally, this does more harm than any good.  However, if you follow a particular way with every meal, you can control your appetite. Chew slowly, and take a small bite.  This will help you to control your appetite to a very much extent. It is advised to chew every bite 32 times.

  • Have some small-snacks in between the regular meals:

To control the appetite during regular meal time, you can add some small snacks between dinner and lunch. However, make sure to look for the ingredients in the snacks. Always choose the snacks made up with the best natural appetite suppressant.


Consuming small-small snacks in between the meals, including the best sugar craving suppressants, chewing more, taking a small-small bite, and drinking more water will help you to cut extra cravings and appetite. Note one thing; you don’t need to cut the meals for weight loss. Instead of this, follow the aforementioned steps for the best result.