How to choose the right shoe?

Are you still thinking how to choose the right shoe for you?

The proper footwear may ease physical exertion, maintain foot health healthy, and protect your body from harm.

If you choose a shoe that fits you well, is appropriate for your activity level, addresses any foot issues you may have, and helps protect your feet, legs, and joints, you will be more at ease when exercising.

How to benefit from the right shoes
The ideal shoes

  • cushioning for the foot is mostly provided by the midsole of the shoe. Unexpectedly, shoes don’t significantly lessen the force that passes through the body.
  • However, they lengthen the time it takes for that force to act, giving the body more time to adapt and support the foot. Your shoe should help your foot stay in alignment as it strikes the ground.
  • fits well – make sure you have at least 1 to 1.5 cm at the end of the shoe. Feels comfortable – Your shoe should immediately feel comfortable from the first use. It must be long and wide enough to accommodate your feet. It should be snug in the shoe but not too tight.

Remember, the right shoe can help prevent, reduce or eliminate foot pain. A lack of pain has a huge impact on how well and easily you move. So, find the right shoe and get active. But if you are wondering where you can find the right shoe? Check SouqBazar they are launching best shoes collection for kids in less than 99AED.