How to choose the right SEO web agency: key steps

Choosing an SEO web agency is an important marketing strategy decision for any business.

Visibility, qualified traffic, and increase in the number of conversions: natural referencing represents the considerable potential for your business. Choosing the wrong Affordable SEO Company could lead you to failure: unnecessary costs, penalties, and lost opportunities in terms of positioning, traffic, and revenue.

Rest assured, to help you; we present the 10 steps to follow to choose the SEO web agency that will ensure your profitability and success on the web!

1 – Develop a list of criteria

The first step in the process is to define your needs. Among these criteria you can identify:

Your budget: how much are you willing to spend to achieve your goal?

The desired geographical proximity: do you need to work with an agency close to your company?

Reporting frequency: weekly, monthly, quarterly

The more you are able to express your need to your agency, the more it will be able to respond to it.

2 – Meet at least 3 SEO web agencies

To make your choice, it is wise to consult at least 3 SEO web agencies before making your decision.

Going to meet these 3 SEO web agencies is a good idea so that you can know the different options available to you to improve your SEO. This will allow you to confront the ideas of each of these agencies and the “cultural fit” with you and your company.

In addition, it can help you negotiate prices, services and contractual terms.

3 – Test your future agency by asking specific questions

Asking the right questions before signing a contract can save you a lot of disappointment. The idea is that you prepare a list of questions to ask the Affordable SEO company during your appointment.

Preparing technical questions is often not easy, especially if you are new to the subject. Here are some technical questions about SEO that will help you distinguish a worthy SEO expert and allow you to choose your web agency.

10 examples of questions to ask an SEO web agency:

Can you guarantee that my site will occupy the first position on the search engines? Start with this question, because it’s a quick way to weed out SEO agencies. Indeed, no agency can guarantee their client a position in the first place, because they know that there is no guarantee in natural referencing.

How do you deal with penalized sites?

How do you build your internal linking strategy and what type of backlinks do you generate?

What tools do you use to get results and analyze SEO performance?

Is content work outsourced? If so, who does it?

On average, when do your clients start seeing results?

How many active clients do you have and how many people on your team work there? If an agency has 500 active clients and only 30 people on its team, it is very likely that this performance will be reduced at the expense of quality or outsourcing.

Who will be my point of contact and how can I contact them if I have questions or concerns?

What makes you different from other SEO web agencies?

Overall, what results can I expect for my website?

These questions can allow you to test the expertise and professionalism of your future agency.

To go further, read our article: Spot an SEO specialist in 5 questions.

4 – Make sure the SEO web agency understands your business

Once you have expressed your need and validated the technical skills of the agency, make sure that it has clearly identified your company, its sector, and its specificities. Did they understand what you are doing? Did they ask questions relevant to your industry: for example, about the seasonality of your industry or the main competitors?

The SEO web agency must be able to offer you an action plan that will lead you to the expected results while respecting your SEO budget.

5 – Analyze how the web agency manages its own SEO

One of the best performance indicators of an SEO web agency is based on the results it has obtained for its own business.

For example, if you plan to hire an agency to manage your blog, look at how they manage their blog themselves. If you want to hire them for your natural referencing, look at how they position themselves on the keywords in their sector.

You can check it yourself or ask the agency. If they don’t practice what they advocate for their own business, it can be a red flag about their ability to perform the services they offer.

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