How Shapewear Trend Has a Big Comeback in 2023

As you know, shapewear has been around for hundreds of years but this year they have had a great comeback. There are several reasons why the industry has seen a significant increase not only in popularity but also in sales over the past year.

There have been some movements like the body positivity one, and they have played a really big role in the comeback of full body shapewear. This movement has helped people to feel comfortable and also confident in their own skin and accept them as they are.

Shapewear is one of those tools that will help you achieve this confidence, but smoothing out bumps and lumps while it creates a silhouette that is streamlined.

There have also been a lot of advancements in high compression shapewear technology which makes them not only more effective but also more comfortable than ever. Shapewear in the past, used to be constricting and also uncomfortable, which made a lot of people to avoid it.

But thankfully the new designs and materials have made the plus size waist trainer a lot more lightweight, comfortable, and breathable and can be worn for extended periods of time. Now you can wear them without feeling uncomfortable or even restricted.

Another reason for the shapewear comeback is the fact that athleisure wear has also had a rise. Shapewear is now a staple in many athleisure lovers’ closets. They can really give people streamlined and sleek looks, even when they are wearing their favorite yoga pants or leggings.

Another big reason why there was a big comeback of shapewear in 2023 was the pandemic, as it had a huge impact on the shapewear industry. Thanks to it a lot of people had to work from home and attend meetings that were virtual, and all of this made people shift and wear clothing that is more casual.

But even if being at home and wearing more casual clothing, people still want to look their best. This is why shapewear became the best and most popular option for those who want to look more confident and put together during their meetings.

And how can we forget about influencers and celebrities? As they have been sharing their love for shapewear and endorsing so many different styles and brands. Some even created their own brands. All of this has made shapewear accessible to a wider audience while normalizing it.

Something extra to have in mind to explain the comeback of shapewear is that the industry of shapewear has become more diverse and inclusive. In the past shapewear used to be marketed for a specific body type, which made a lot of people feel left out.

But the good thing is that now more and more brands are offering a wider range of styles and also sized and now all shapes and sizes are included, which has made the market more appealing for a lot more people.

And finally, the shapewear industry has had a lot of emphasis on sustainability. With every year that passes by, we noticed the impact the pollution we create has an impact on our planet, and especially the impact that fast fashion is having on the environment. This is why more and more brands are turning and shifting to more sustainable fashion choices.

Thankfully, and especially during this year, many shapewear brands are using eco-friendly materials and have changed their manufacturing processes, which are now making them a more sustainable option for consumers, who actually care about the planet and are looking to make more responsible and educated choices toward saving the planet we live in.