How much does the bar weigh at planet fitness

We are discussing in this article How much does the bar weigh at planet fitness

A recurring question in fitness and bodybuilding forums and also in gyms is how much the bars that we use when training in free weight weigh, so today we clarify it for you. Apart from the fact that different brands can manufacture different types of bars with the weight and measurements that suit them best, there are some standards that must be respected when we talk about Olympic or competition bars, which are usually in all gyms.

if the weight of the bar was counted when quantifying our maximum repetition percentages. The answer is yes, and so that you can calculate them properly, we tell you how much each type of gym bar weighs.

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Olympic bar

Olympic Bar – This is the long bar found in most gyms. It always weighs 20 kilos, measures 220 centimeters, and has a grip diameter of 28 millimeters. You can recognize it because at the ends it has rotating sleeves or bearings: this is so because they are the same ones used for Olympic movements, in which it is important that the discs rotate freely and lifting is not difficult. There is a slightly smaller, narrower, and lighter women’s competition version, but I personally have never seen it in a traditional gym.

Long bar (not Olympic): we also find it in many gyms. The ends are not rotatable, and it is usually somewhat shorter and, above all, narrower. Depending on the manufacturer, it usually ranges between 11 and 12 kilos of weight.

Short bar: the short and straight bar is 120 centimeters. It can have different thicknesses, between 28 and 30 millimeters, and its weight is usually around 7 kilos and can vary more or less by half a kilo depending on its thickness.

Olympic Z-Bar – Like the Olympic Long Bar, it also has bearings on the ends so the plates can rotate for easy movement. It has a length of 120 centimeters, weighs 8 kilos and the grip diameter is 28 millimeters.

Olympic Roman bar: it is not very common, but it is usually used to do neutral barbell curls and especially to work the triceps. It has bearings at the ends, its weight is 9.97 kilos and its length is 86 centimeters.


In addition, it should be clarified that the Olympic bars are designed to work with Olympic discs, that is, 50 millimeters in diameter.

Now that you know the weights of the bars, you can correctly calculate the kilos you lift. Do you dare to share your 1RM in any of the basic exercises? (counting the weight of the bar, of course).