How much does LiteSpeed hosting benefit the website?

What exactly is LiteSpeed webserver hosting?

Light Speed hosting – Lightspeed web hosting is a server solution that is fully compatible with Apache web technology. On the other hand, LiteSpeed servers are better optimized to handle high traffic spikes while using fewer resources. In addition, it is compatible with all user control panels, including cPanel, WHM, and Plesk.

LiteSpeed is an Alternative

Earlier, web server solutions like Apache constituted most of the consumer base. But now that LiteSpeed is available, improving one’s web server is simpler than ever.

After extensive testing, it is reasonable to state that LiteSpeed can easily take the role of Apache. Moreover, it works flawlessly with well-known hosting options. It might also mean that LiteSpeed web servers will work with everything that runs under Apache.

The seamless transition is one element that makes LiteSpeed Hosting an adequate substitute for Apache and other web servers. The .htaccess and httpd.con files are unchanged.

It is also crucial to note that, even with all re-configuration and setup, setting up LiteSpeed for your website won’t take more than a few minutes.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that LiteSpeed offers a free plugin for management from a graphical interface if the potential user relies on either cPanel or WHM.

Is LiteSpeed server hosting Apache, preferably?

Yes, in many ways, LiteSpeed outperforms Apache. It requires fewer server resources and improves website speed and performance. In addition, it provides additional security features to keep the sites secure.

The benefits of using LiteSpeed hosting for your page are the following :

The use of LiteSpeed Web Server will improve security. LSWS also has some excellent security advantages.

To begin with, because it is 100% Apache compatible, you can use the mod security module as usual to block most web attacks. LiteSpeed works with all known rules and requires no additional configuration.

When a DoS or DDoS attack is launched against your website, LiteSpeed’s security features can help. The anti-DDoS features of LSWS include bandwidth and connection throttling.

In addition, the developers of LiteSpeed also react to DoS attacks with commendable speed. Cheap Event-driven architecture streamlines LiteSpeed web hosting servers. It has maximum security and can serve thousands of clients using little CPU.

Performance Improvement:

LiteSpeed works effectively when delivering websites and pages to many visitors per second. The fact that it makes minimal use of CPU and memory is its most vital feature.

In contrast to other web servers, LiteSpeed offers inert material significantly faster. Additionally, it improves PHP performance thanks to a customized PHP LSAPI.

For instance, LiteSpeed is a tremendous aid if you have a busy WordPress site on a VPS Hosting Server. However, it is evident that if you convert from Apache to LSWS, your server load will instantly decrease up to 10 times.

LiteSpeed lowers hardware expenses

True, LiteSpeed is a paid solution, but consider how much hardware it would cost to make your servers fast and reliable compared to the $30–$40 per month licensing fees.

Additionally, because LSWS offers round-the-clock technical support, it may help you save money on systems administration. Finally, when experiencing problems, you can always get in touch with the LiteSpeed Team and receive prompt support.

Superior SEO performance and profitability: 

In 2022, when website speed is crucial in determining customer pleasure, it is not a significant concern. Consequently, search engines assist in making page loads considerably speedier.

Google ranks websites using more than 250 unique factors. It still weighs more than others, however. One of the critical elements that are unquestionably better for publicly highlighting its importance is speed.

As a result, it is clear why LiteSpeed is a fantastic choice. Given that it gives a beautiful technique to ensure optimization with appropriate speed and performance, it unquestionably provides a fast webserver technology.

LiteSpeed web servers have been skillfully developed to maintain compliance with the likes of cPanel and Plesk. It’s crucial to remember that websites have a variety of objectives, uses, and target audiences.

Regardless of the niche, they can still profit if they have a reliable and competent web server for managing their website, blog, or applications.

It is safe to say that LiteSpeed will be the preferred option for hosting companies in the future to produce excellent performance and cost-effective advantages.

What NavicoSoft offers?

  • Our hosting has a ton of features. Here are a few examples:
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses only.
  • For Magento, Joomla, and Drupal, there is an LSCache module and a WordPress plugin for Litespeed Cache.
  • Better Memory Optimization
  • and a higher degree of Apache Module compatibility.
  • Supported by Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, and other scripting languages.
  • has 0% maintenance downtime
  • More integrated plugins and modules
  • remove the HTTPS reverse proxy, reducing complexity.
  • With built-in anti-DDoS functionality, MoD Security rules can help you protect your website.
  • Instant performance improvement with LSAPI One-click server-wide cache acceleration for WordPress

Cost Effective

The least expensive LiteSpeed web hosting is what we provide. It is a fantastic option to speed up your websites for very little money.

Better Apps Performance

You may now take advantage of even faster websites with dynamic content thanks to the LSchache feature. We offer complete assurance of fast speed regardless of whether it is a WordPress, Joomla, or Magento site.

24/7 Assistance

For the affordable web hosting of your website, we provide 24/7 support. Contact us to receive complete technical support at any time of the day or night.