How Many Movers are Enough for My Move?

This question is not uncommon as a residential movers company in Dubai we often get from our clients. We have compiled some key information to help answer this question and determine the best number of movers for your next move.

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Do you Need to Move?

There are many reasons you are hiring movers. Here are some important points to remember before we explain the process of hiring the right number of movers.

  • A moving company can help you pack your items.
  • In return for hiring a moving company, you can get expert advice.
  • A moving crew will ensure that there are fewer instances of breakage.
  • A moving crew can help you save time loading and unloading your items off the truck.

How Many Movers can you Hire?

Let’s now discuss why you need to hire a mover and packers. Each scenario has been broken down so that you can see the details and make the right decision for your budget.


We recommend that you hire 3-4 movers for studio apartments. Most studio apartments have fewer items. Count the items in your studio apartment to determine if you are able to pack it all yourself. The last step, loading the truck onto the truck, is where you will need a little assistance. It should take between 60 and 90 minutes.

1: BHK:

If you are wondering how many people would be enough to move my 1 bedroom house, then we recommend that you hire 4-5 men. You can be sure your belongings are safe with the help of a few more hands as the moving crew loads the truck.

2 :BHKs:

If you are looking to replace your 2BHK apartment, your residential moving company in Dubai may be able to send 6 men. If you don’t have much stuff, 6 men would be ideal for the 2 BHK.

3: BHKs:

If you need loading, your moving company may send 6-8 movers for a 3-BHK apartment. You may need additional men if you are short on time or require assistance with loading and unloading your stuff. You will need at least 4 movers if you fall under the 2 or 3 categories.

4: BHKs:

You will likely have more stuff to move into a new apartment if you live in a 4-bedroom apartment. When choosing a residential moving company in Dubai, remember that the number of furniture items you have will determine how many movers you need. If you are looking to have your move completed on time, we recommend that you hire 8-10 movers.


You might be wondering how many people are needed to move from a villa with 2 bedrooms instead of an apartment. The residential moving company Dubai would provide you with a supervisor and a team of 6 to 7 moving crews for your move. To save some money, you might ask for fewer movers if you can pack everything yourself.

We hope you now know how many movers are required for your apartment depending on its type. When choosing a moving company to help you move, don’t forget about additional services like plumbing, carpentry, and wall painters. We are available to answer any questions our customers may have about additional services. We can help with TV mounting/unmounting and fixture removals. You can always consult your Dubai a residential moving company if you have any questions about hiring a moving crew.

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