How Interactive Videos Make You the Star of Your Own Show

Have you ever seen an ad that was so engaging, you wished you could interact with it? Now you can! With interactive videos, you can do just that by allowing your viewers to make choices that impact what happens in the video. These videos give you the ability to captivate your viewers from beginning to end and make them feel like they’re part of the action no matter where they are or what device they’re using to watch it on. In this article, we’ll show how interactive videos work, why they’re effective and how you can use them in your own marketing efforts!

Start by Planning Out the Video

Planning out your interactive video is essential to make sure it’s effective and engaging. Start by deciding what you want your viewers to do at each point in the video. Will they be able to click on different items, will they make a choice between two options, or will they be able to change what happens next in the video? When you know how you want your viewers to interact with your video, you can plan out what buttons or links you need for them to do so.

Set Up a Compelling Call to Action

The latest trend in videos is interactive and it’s easy to see why. This new technology can make viewers feel like they’re a part of the show, rather than just a spectator. So if you’re looking for an exciting and immersive way to engage your audience, interactive video should be your go-to. With Cinema8, all you have to do is upload your video content and select which scenes you want viewers to interact with. That’s it! Just choose the right parts of your video that you want people to be able to control, add text or images as needed and get ready for some action. Best of all, Cinema8 is compatible on any device so customers will never miss out on what’s going on because their tablet or phone doesn’t support Flash Player anymore.

Set Up an Interaction Area

A few weeks ago, we were watching TV and found ourselves frustrated with how many commercials there were. We wanted to skip them and just watch our show. But what about those times when we wanted to see what was on? What if there was a show we wanted to watch but didn’t know about it? We realized that there had to be a better way. With Cinema8, you are in control.

Shoot and Edit your Interactions

Cinema8 is an interactive video platform that lets you become the star of your own show. With Cinema8, you can upload content and create interactive videos with soundtracks, custom animations, and live chats. 


Upload Your Video on YouTube or Vimeo

On YouTube, you can find interactive videos that allow you to click on objects to explore more closely. For example, if you were watching a video about cars, you could click on a car and it will show you all its features. On Vimeo, some videos have interactive menus that allow viewers to jump around in order to see different perspectives or angles.

Share it with your audience on social media

Interactive videos are engaging and allow you to feel like you’re a part of the story. They give viewers a sense of personal control and make them feel like they’re in control. This, in turn, makes viewers more engaged and willing to share what they’ve seen with their friends. Plus, interactive video are perfect for getting your audience involved with your content – talk about immersive!

Promote it across all your other channels

Uploading videos to your YouTube channel is only half the battle. Once you have your video uploaded, it’s time to promote it and make sure that people know about it. The best way to do this is by making sure that viewers can’t get enough of you by adding interactive features.