How Has the Philippines Grown Into the New Hub of BPO Providers

Did you know that Manila, the Filipino capital, has recently beaten Mumbai in the worldwide offshore outsourcing race? The Philippines outsourcing industry has been booming because of investor support, financial incentives, government support, and investments in telecom, real estate, and the workforce. The country’s BPO sector employs millions of people and revenues are slated to go up even further. 

Outsourcing encompasses many staffing solutions and outsourcing companies. The BPO or Business Process Outsourcing firms are the new, smaller companies that represent this new outsourcing form. This new generation of BPO Philippines firms offers a wide range of staff roles and caters to SMBs rather than the big businesses. Alliance Global Solutions is a leader amongst Philippines BPO firms and offers services like data entry, virtual assistants, IT solutions, and accounting.

Reasons for the Philippines emerging as the new center of BPO providers:

  • Fast-growing Economy: In the last few years, The Philippines has emerged as one of the rapidly-growing South East Asian economies. BPO has been the largest contributor to its GDP amongst the native industries. 
  • Language: Companies in the US are leading users of BPO solutions here, accounting for almost 60% of services. US clients are followed by those in Australia and the UK. English-speaking clients are leaders in outsourcing their back-office services, including link detox and backlink removal.
  • Culture: With outsourcing increasing between the Philippines and US, relationships between them have strengthened. Culture greatly impacts how successful outsourcing can be; for instance, when the BPO destination cannot understand the culture, migration is challenging. Since The Philippines has a solid understanding of Western culture, transition and migration are smooth.
  • Literacy rate: This is extremely high in The Philippines with almost 97% being literate. The country recognizes the need to learn the English language and makes it one of the essential skills for employment. This has led to the emergence of employees with English proficiency which is imperative for the BPO industry.
  • Superior infrastructure: The Philippines is known for having a well-developed infrastructure with a plethora of world-class telecom services. Submarine fiber-optic cables and satellite systems ensure uninterrupted international connectivity. So, the environment is highly conducive to the growth and operations of global businesses. They can ensure complete competence when serving their clients worldwide. Besides, real estate is cheap and available in plenty in urban areas. This allows companies to save money on utilities and renting office space.
  • Government support: Without support from the government, it would not have been possible for the country to become a hub for BPO firms. It has offered tax non-tax and tax incentives, funds for industry development initiatives, and created regional ITC councils. It has also identified SEZs where BPO firms can be run and helped investors through incentives, fiscal and non-fiscal.
  • Work ethics: People here are known for being hard workers and have remarkable work ethics. They are friendly, responsible, and accommodating, making them the right fit for customer service that demands intense interactions and patience.

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