How Do Students Start Their Career in Finances At UK?

Students who want to work in finance must think outside the box and create their own opportunities. 

Starting your own business | joining a finance | organizing your own career event | studying abroad | treasurer of your university society

Consider these seven alternative ways to expand your finance knowledge and experience if you are having difficulty obtaining an internship or graduate job or if you want to stand out among other applicants.

The majority of finance careers can be pursued in one of two ways. Following your A levels or equivalent, you can either work for an employer and earn while you learn (known as school leaver programs) or attend university full time before applying for a graduate job (usually on a graduate program). At a few employers, you can work and pursue a university degree at the same time.

What You Need To Do To Get a Finance Job:

We offer some advice to those looking for a job in finance, whether they are entry-level workers or recent graduates. We are a NatWest-owned company that provides an innovative invoice financing product and has years of financial industry experience.

Obtaining the Necessary Qualifications:

To obtain an entry-level job, you must first obtain the necessary qualifications. Obviously, this does not limit your skills and experience to financial degrees. Degrees in business, math, management, and economics can help you develop the skills required for a career in finance.

The world of finance is continually changing, in addition to technological transformation such as FinTech. As a result, if you are a creative individual who has studied marketing, journalism, or even the arts, becoming a financial analyst is not out of the question. You can gain a few really basic financial knowledge by taking online courses or enrolling in Chartered Institute courses such as CII, CISI, or CFA.

Getting Experience in the Workplace:

Getting relevant experience in the field will help you prepare for your entry-level job. Any opportunity to immerse yourself in the industry, learn how it works, and establish essential skills, whether unpaid, internship, or part-time job, should be taken advantage of.

You can gain experience by volunteering for higher education societies, charities, and friends and family with smaller companies. Financial administration, client management, accounting, and business analysis are all examples of services that can be provided. Applying for a full-time position in finance will allow you to learn industry-specific skills and get a sense of what you’ll be dealing with. It would also set you apart from other candidates who do not have any.

Get a Basic Understanding of Technical Concepts:

Despite the fact that tech knowledge are something you develop with experience and practice, you can learn some basic skills to prepare yourself for a finance job, such as:

  • Learn how to filtration data sets, do conditional formatting, create reports, set up balance sheets, and use formulas such as ‘ACOT’ in Microsoft Excel.
  • Develop further mathematics, accounting, and other software skills by having read expert blogs, watching YouTube videos, or taking online courses.

Many facets of your job will require calculation skills, such as data management, financial analysis, financial reporting, and modelling.

Finance is a Field You Should be Passionate About:

Last but not least, your enthusiasm for the industry will set you apart, even if you lack the necessary experience and qualifications. To understand how banking, capital markets, funds, FinTech’s, and investments work, you should first learn the fundamentals of finance. This expertise will demonstrate your comprehension of industry pain points, potential solutions, and future trends during your interview.

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