How Do I Get Local News Updates?

Local News Updates

Local news has a relative value to the people of that particular area. While international affairs focus on global issues, local news emphasizes locality and related issues – mostly published in local languages such as Bangla for Bangladesh.

So if you are wondering how to get 24-hours Bangla news updates, here are some ways.

How do I get local news updates in Bangladesh?

When searching for local news updates, you will get various sources—online news portals, news articles, news apps, YouTube channels, etc. However, many provide false or exaggerated news just for views and better income.

Here are some ways to get authentic local news updates:

Watch The News on Cable TV:

Watching local news on cable TV is the easiest option to get all the news updates. We all have a television in our home with a cable network connection. Every cable network provider offers 100+ channels. You will get both local, national and international channels there.

That means, by having cable TV, you can easily be updated with the local, national and international news. Some popular channels for 24-hours Bangla news updates in Bangladesh are Channel i, Banglavision, Somoy TV, ATN News, etc. You can follow any of these channels with the help of a cable operator.

Channel App:

Using your mobile phone, you can watch Bangladeshi satellite tv channels without a cable connection. Almost all tv channels in Bangladesh and worldwide have their application, which is available for Android and iOS.

If you have an internet connection on your phone, you can easily download these apps and enjoy all the news from any corner of the world. After television, it can be the easiest way to be updated with local news updates.

Print Newspaper and E-Paper:

Newspapers have been one of the most popular sources to get news worldwide. You will get both national newspapers and local newspapers.

National newspapers cover news of the entire country and outside the country as well. On the other hand, local newspapers cover only a specific area.

However, you can get all your required local news updates from all newspapers. You can also read all this news through your phone or other smart devices by E-papers. Most E-papers are free of cost.

The most popular newspapers in Bangladesh are the Daily Star, the Business Post, the Daily Jugantor, the Daily Prothom Alo, the Daily Bangladesh Pratidin, the Daily Ittefaq, and Daily Kaler Kantha, etc.

Almost all these newspapers have both print and E-paper versions. So, select any of these newspapers as your local news updates source.

YouTube and Other Social Media:

All the social media platforms, especially YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, are also good sources of local news updates.

YouTube and Facebook are the most popular social platforms in Bangladesh, from where people can get all types of news they want. You will get all local news that may not be available on television channels or newspapers as all sorts of people use social media nowadays.

Local Online News Stream:

You can also watch the live stream of news stations from their websites. A vast number of news portals and stations provide live news. You can search on your preferred search engine and then enter their websites. After that, find the “Watch Live” option to enjoy their live news.

Local radio stations:

Using either your smartphone or conventional radio, you can learn about all of the available radio stations in your area. Numerous radio stations in the immediate area cover significant rapid information regarding recent events. Even some radio broadcasters cover live events and provide interesting insider information on various topics. They even provide updates on different news from time to time.

What happens when local newspapers shut down?

The local newspaper’s importance is indispensable. So if local newspapers shut down, fake news becomes widespread and creates a lot of confusion regarding sensitive matters.

In a nutshell:

A few years back, you only had two options to get news –  television, and newspaper. However, with technological advancement, we have so many options available to stay ahead of the news—online media is one of them. And all you need is an internet-enabled device with an active connection.

So getting local news updates is no longer a difficult task now.

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