How Can You Set Up IVR for Call Centers?

The IVR technology helps businesses provide streamlined customer support and improve the customer acquisition process. The software offers several benefits to a business organization. It is a complete call management solution, so several businesses are adopting the technology creating a high demand for IVR service providers.

If you need guidance to use the IVR services optimally, read further to learn about IVR and set up the IVR for call centers.

What is IVR? 

IVR refers to Interactive Voice Response- an automated call management solution that provides self-help menus to callers. It automates the conversation in inbound and outbound calls while relying on the DTMF input entered by the customers. It uses pre-recorded voice messages and TTS technology to offer customers streamlined support. It helps customers to get quick query resolution by offering a series of menus and sub-menus to callers.

Companies use the IVR to route incoming calls to the available agents to help them resolve their queries quickly. An IVR enables a business to handle several calls simultaneously. Companies can provide high customer satisfaction when they offer fast connectivity. IVR services help businesses deliver quick customer support and an enhanced CX, which helps to build brand loyalty.

Things to keep in mind while setting up the IVR for call center

Keep the menus simple: IVR for call centers helps you make your call operations more productive. You can expect enhanced operational efficiency and better agent performance. Setting up the IVR should not be an overly complicated process. Today, IVR software is available that comes with customizable menus. So, when setting up the call center, make sure you customize the menu to address your business requirements. The menus should be well defined, making it easy for the customers to choose the desired option. It’s advisable to keep the menus simple to fulfill the purpose of setting up the IVR. You can take the help of IVR service providers who will guide you in the process.

Personalized CX: While setting up the IVR, companies must include some traits that offer a personalized experience to the customers. You can personalize the interaction by starting with welcome greetings in the local/ regional language and greeting customers with their names. A personalized experience will create a pleasing conversation environment.

The software also can optimize the call routes and connects the callers with the agents they have spoken to earlier. Also, the routes are optimized based on previous conversations and the issues faced by the customers. In totality, the IVR should be customer-centric. It should keep the customer’s comfort and needs in mind to offer them an enhanced call experience.

Multi-lingual support:  Companies can set up the IVR to address customers’ queries in multiple languages. They can use the comprehensive vocabulary in different local languages to connect with the maximum number of prospective customers. People might be interested in your product, but if they fail to understand the message you are trying to convey, the whole exercise of customer engagement will be futile.

Companies should choose an IVR service provider that offers software that supports multiple languages. It will help you run customized campaigns and attract customers by communicating with them in their preferred language. 

How can you set up the IVR for call centers?

If you want to set up an IVR number for your business, then it would be highly advisable to contact a reliable cloud telephony company such as Knowlarity. It is one of India’s leading IVR service providers that offers IVR services at competitive prices. You can contact the sales team, and the executives will guide you in getting the IVR number for your business. Knowlarity offers IVR solutions in over 65 countries in the APAC region. You can also fill out the contact form, and the agents will promptly call you back to address your requirement for the IVR solution.

The company offers a free trial that will give an in-depth understanding of how the solution works. Learn how the IVR will help your business improve client communication and enable you to reap the benefits of IVR integration into your business.