How a Web Development Company can Make or Break Your Business?

In today’s marketplace, you need something beyond a digital presence to take advantage of more opportunities to the customers. If you do not have a professional and interactive website, you can be sure that it will be difficult to take off your investment.

Make sure that you should leave your website development to a professional web designing company in Delhi.

How many of you have heard stories of companies that hired a web agency to develop their site and got a lousy website? Or what about the people who hired a friend/relative to develop the site for free and the results were disastrous. The quality of your website can make or break the growth of your business.

Here is a list of 10 valuable indicators to identify the right web development company.

How well do they understand your business needs?

Start by checking how they meet your needs. Get their customer list and check the solutions they have provided in the past. This solution must be customised according to each client’s business.

Do their solutions all look the same? Did they check target audiences of clients or randomly generated template websites?

Look for specific cultural fit

The similarities and differences between you and your web development company determine the success and failure of the project. Check how their culture, personality and pace match yours. Ensure that the agency adheres to an agile development culture, which can respond immediately to unexpected changes through continuous information sharing and interaction mechanisms. Also, ask technology partners about their strategy to adapt evolving technologies and trends.

How do they communicate and collaborate?

Communication skills are an important aspect of web development services. If there is a gap in the communication process, your project may mess up. Before signing a contract, you have to contact with the vendor and assess their communication culture with the following questions:

Is their communication and collaboration process with your work?
Will the team be available on multiple communication channels such as phone, e-mail, Skype, etc.?

Go beyond back-end development

Also to coding and programming, web development involves various processes. Short-list companies with clear experience in both developing and designing responsive websites. Device friendliness is an important feature as nearly 60% of web access is happening on mobile devices.

It is better to find a company that offers web development as well as more services.

Ask for references and work samples

Partnering with a web development company in Delhi is a big decision; Consider reviews from people who have already gone through the process with the agency. Feedback coming from clients who have worked with them before provides more visibility. Additionally, look at samples of the work they display and write down what you like and what you don’t like.

Check their team expertise

Check their developmental experience and ability on certain skill sets. Competent resources are qualified in a wide range of disciplines. They should be well aware of front-end and back-end, web development best practices, algorithms, databases and various architectures.

A good web development company usually has extensive knowledge of the industry with some specific talents. Beyond web developers and graphic designers, they should have solution architects, QA engineers, scrum masters and team leads to name a few.

Total budget

You should stay away from companies that offer you an estimate that is double or half as compared to others.

It is important to ask the company what is included in the development cost. Some agencies may add services and tools that require more investment. Discuss how they affect the performance of your project. What you need is a website whose core element is user-friendliness. Don’t waste your money on other attractive elements, which adds unnecessary costs.

Can the company afford the trial period?

The web development company has good references and seems genuine, but still, you are not sure enough, ask for a trial period for two or three weeks. You can assign a certain part of the project and see how they are handling it and if it works for you.

During the trial period, you should inspect their work to determine if it is appropriate to proceed with the contract.

Analyse their web hosting service

It is important to understand whether they are offering a web hosting platform or a dedicated hosting platform service. Web hosting is perfect for web hosting and handles considerable spikes in traffic very easily. Unlike dedicated web hosting, you don’t need to buy, maintain any hardware. Also, ask-

1.How often do they back up the site?
2.How long is the backup maintained?
3.How fast is the processing power of the hosting platform?
4.What is ensured uptime?

Who owns the site when developed?

IP ownership is worth considering. Make sure they will grant you 100 percent ownership of your site as it evolves. Also, sign an NDA with the company and employees who will work for you. Typically, multiple agencies work together with multiple clients in the same industry. There is a possibility that similar code, ideas and design can be reused on another website.


It may take more effort and time for you to make the right decision before discovering these particular qualities in web development company in Delhi. Choosing the right web development company is imperative to the success of your business; Lelowebsite company has over a decade’s experience in successfully launching websites for dozens of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. Contact us today to create your website, and we will get back to you with a solution and pricing.