Guides To Cool Math Games

Cool Math Games Unblocked 66 is an online web portal that hosts both HTML and Flash games, and targets young adults and children. It was founded in 1997 and is operated by Coolmath LLC. Its slogan is “Logic meets fun.” The games are aimed at children and young adults and are designed to develop math skills, enhance memory, and improve concentration.


Kids find studying boring and want to play games that will make it more fun. However, most parents are too busy with their jobs and don’t have much time to supervise their kids’ learning. Therefore, FunBrain has been developed to provide kids with a fun way to learn. The games are designed to train the mind and foster concentration, problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and pattern recognition. Furthermore, the games will help kids become more independent and confident in their learning process.

The website contains a range of educational games, including puzzles, games that require logic, and many more. It’s a great website for kids who want to practice their math skills while having fun! The website also offers a number of educational videos and books for children to watch. It is also simple to navigate, with no popups or advertisements. Kids can even find vocabulary and reading comprehension games. Hooda Math is a fun game for young children who are struggling with basic math.


PrimaryGames is a site dedicated to keeping students entertained while they learn math. With over 1,000 different math games to choose from, it is a great resource for teachers, parents, and students. The games are easy to navigate and feature a user-friendly interface. Users can choose from categories, or browse by popularity.

This website features games geared towards teaching children math basics and is perfect for elementary school students. These games include games that help kids practice all types of math operations, including counting, fractions, decimals, and units. They are designed to keep kids interested by using bright graphics and simple games.

Hooda Math

Hooda Math is an app that helps kids learn math in an interesting and fun way. It offers different games for different grade levels. Each game is designed to help students learn the concepts covered in that grade level. The games are organized by grade level, so that students can work on them in order. For example, there are games for first graders that can help students learn to add and subtract money.

The app includes math games, tutorials, and manipulatives. The site offers both free and paid versions. It is free for students, but educators can set up teacher pages for their students.


If you’re into puzzle, strategy, or mind games, Arkadium is the place for you. The website offers thousands of free online games across a variety of genres. Most games are strategic in nature, but there are also racing, arcade, sports, and match-3 games. The website uses ad-blocking technology, so it’s important to disable it if you’d like to play some of its games.

Another excellent option is Arkadium, which has a great selection of educational games. Its Solitaire games are top-notch, and its top 50 collection is award-winning. Nevertheless, these games are better suited for older kids or for discussion with an adult. In addition, you can find games at Mensa for Kids, which feature lateral thinking puzzles and word problems. Lastly, you can try Math Playground for kids, which has several logic games and word problems, along with the ability to generate worksheets.



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