Guide to Rent a Taxi in Amsterdam During Your Trip

Netherlands’ capital Amsterdam is the top tourist spot, which attracts millions of people every year. If you’re also thinking of visiting the 17th-century Golden Age city, then you have made the right decision. But there are many things that you have to consider during your trip to the capital city. Besides other things, the most important thing that you need to consider is the mode of transportation.

The number of people using Amsterdam public transportation is dropping steadily, standing at only 35 or 40% of regular capacity. Around 10 to 15% of normal travelers are using public transportation, and the number of travelers has grown following the easing of pandemic restrictions set by the Dutch government.

Many prefer to go by public transport, while many choose to book taxis to travel from point A to B. They are more likely to book a taxi as they consider a taxi a convenient and safe option to travel. Explore this article till the end to learn more about how to book a taxi in Amsterdam and more right in this article.

What Pointers to Consider for Renting Taxi Amsterdam

Renting a taxi in Amsterdam is not an easy task; there are lots of pointers to consider to eliminate facing any unexpected situations in the future. Want to know what pointers to remember while renting a taxi in Amsterdam? Check the list right below:

Professional and Skilled Drivers

It’s crucial to check that you’re traveling with skilled and professional drivers. They will provide you with amazing service whenever and from wherever you want.

Service Type and Prices

Check the service types and pricing before renting the taxi for your next trip. Know which type of services the particular taxi company offers, like group transportation, wedding transport, and more. Don’t forget to compare competitors’ prices before booking the taxi.

There are many more pointers to consider, like the company’s reputation, reading ratings & reviews, and more. There is a lot more to check before renting taxis from top providers in Amsterdam.

Top Taxi Service Providers in Amsterdam You Can Choose to Book a Taxi!

The capital city of the Netherlands is well known for its elaborate canal system, houses, artistic heritage, and more. Approximately 1,165,898 Amsterdam population and tourists who visit the city are searching for effective ways to travel from one place to other. Many choose to travel through public transportation, while some choose to rent taxis.

So what would you prefer when it comes to moving from one place to another? I strongly recommend you rent a taxi service as it not only saves your time but is a convenient and safe option to travel in the city. But remember that you can’t just book a service from any local as it can cost you higher in terms of money and safety. Instead of booking it from a local, you can choose to book the service from the top taxi service providers listed below:

Taxi Connect

Want to enjoy a multi-booking option? Taxi Connect provides you with the same. You get transparency for price, service, and more from the company. Taxi Connect has been offering its service since 2009 and has successfully catered to the transport needs of millions of riders in Amsterdam and surrounding areas. You get to choose the contactless option, as your safety is the first priority of the taxi company.

Express Taxi

Experience personal service by choosing to book a taxi in Amsterdam from Express Taxi. You don’t have to pay any cancellation cost if for any reason you have to cancel the booking. The company follows a fixed price mechanism and charges fixed costs to you, hence checking the price in advance to know how much the company charges you for the ride you want to enjoy. You can choose a different type of taxi service as per your requirement to travel from point A to B.

Taxi Maxx

The well-known company Taxi Maxx provides 7 days and 24 hours of service to riders. Riders can easily book the service by using various means like online booking, calling, and more. Taxi Maxx drivers are familiar with each route and ensure to provide you with top-class and excellent service on your demand. Their door-to-door step services help you eliminate the need to wave for taxis on roads.

Dutch Cabs

How can we forget Dutchcabs in the list of the top taxi service providers? The taxi service company provides you with amazing services at a reasonable price. You can check the pricing, vehicle type, and other details in advance. You even don’t have to worry about the hidden cost or any other things while booking a service from the company.

Welcome Pickups

Enjoy rides with trained drivers by renting taxis from Welcome Pickups. The company ensures low price guarantees, helping you save a great amount wasted on traveling. You can send mail or directly contact the customer support team in case of any emergency; the company’s professional drivers are always ready to provide you with top-class service. Clean and ventilated cars, contactless delivery options, and other benefits are offered by the company, which makes it the best option to rent the services.

There are a lot more companies that offer taxi services in Amsterdam and surrounding areas. We have listed above the top ones; you can choose to book service from them or any other as per your choice. But make sure to conduct proper research before renting services from any of the taxi service providers.

Ending Note

Traveling is undoubtedly an amazing experience, but it can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have the proper information about everything. Hence make sure to gather all the information, be it where to eat, where to visit, or how to travel.

Proper research and an on-hand to-do list can help you save time and money as well. You can explore guides by pro travelers, too, to make a better choice for your trip. Be smart and make a perfect decision for your next trip.

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