Good Proposal Topics for an Essay for University Students

As a student, you have to spend several hours writing different kinds of assignments or essays during your academic life. A proposal essay is a form of essay that is considered a difficult type of essay. If you know how to choose good proposal topics for an essay, how to explore the topic, and how to write it, then you can successfully write an excellent proposal essay.  It is important that you should have knowledge about choosing good proposal essay topics. If it is difficult for you, here, we have listed some tips to select the best topic for a proposal essay for students.

What is Proposal Essay and Its Characteristics

A proposal essay is a type of academic writing that proposes particular ideas and explains them with supportive evidence to convince the readers. The main purpose of writing a proposal essay is to persuade the reader with your ideas about the topic. Most of the proposal essays are written in the business and economics field of study.

While writing a proposal essay, you should follow the proper structure of the essay. The structure of the essay is as follows:

  • Introduction- This part of the proposal essay provides an overview of the problems and expects solutions.
  • Issue- This part defines the main issue that includes subjects, purpose, central argument, importance, and background detail.
  • Solution- Solution is another element of the essay structure. It includes a plan, perks, and obstacles.
  • Conclusion- t the final part of a proposal essay that summarizes the entire information.

Good Proposal Topics for an Essay

Choosing good proposal topics for an essay can be challenging for university students. To solve this dilemma here a list of proposal essay topics is mentioned. Students can find the best topic of their choice and write an excellent proposal essay.

  1. How can parents learn the importance of money to their children?
  2. Define the best way through which the parents can encourage their children to enhance their learning.
  3. Should sex education be compulsory in school?
  4. How to prevent suicidal behavior?
  5. How can improve language proficiency?
  6. What measures the government should take to combat global climate changes?
  7. How can prevent death from road accidents?
  8. How should students teach about the use of the internet in a progressive way?
  9. Is it possible to live without a mobile or smart device?
  10. How can prevent racism?
  11. In what ways the problems of unemployment can be solved?
  12. How can reduce the use of alcohol and smoking among teenagers?
  13. Define the best way to improve ecological situations.
  14. How does counseling help students overcome depression of study?
  15. How can students better handle academic study, sports, and other cultural activities?

Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Proposal Essay Topic

There are several things you should consider while selecting the topic for writing a proposal essay.

  • You should spend sufficient time on research the topics that you find interesting to write.
  • You should select the topic in which you must have background knowledge so that you can explain it effectively.
  • Choose the proposal online essay topic, you are passionate to write and can express your ideas with supportive arguments and evidence
  • If your topics are interesting to you, you will enjoy writing and you can produce quality content on that.


Thus, the above-discussed information helps you to find good proposal topics for an essay. The selection of the right topic helps students in writing essays impressively and without any errors. If the students have problems in selecting the topic they can consult with their peers or professors.