Get Your Treatment with the Most Trusted Brain Tumor Specialist in India

A brain tumor can be a debilitating condition that can seriously affect a person’s quality of life. Depending on the type, growth, and stage of brain tumors, it is usually treated with medication, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or a combination. Patients with brain tumors must seek treatment under the guidance of an experienced neurosurgeon. In addition, the hospitals where the treatment takes place also play an essential role. 

India is the most preferred brain tumor specialist center globally, with the best neurosurgeons from all over the world. The brain tumor specialists in India are among the best, trained in the best Indian and international medical institutions. Technological advances have improved medical diagnosis and treatment of diseases that were considered untreatable in our country just a few years ago.

The tumor’s location and size determine the possibilities for brain tumor surgery in India. The tumor might be surgically removed or treated with other methods. Surgery for a brain tumor will be considered only if the tumor is located in a surgically accessible location. Other factors that govern the success of the treatment are –

  • The tumor must be small and easy to remove from the surrounding tissue
  • The tumor must be surgically accessible
  • The tumor should not be in a sensitive brain location
  • The tumor should not be near any nerves
  • Treatments by brain tumor specialists in India

Many treatment options for brain tumors are available in India, including surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Depending on the tumor’s intensity, size, and spread, the surgeon or oncologist will select the best course of action. The various therapies are as follows:

  • Chemotherapy

It is the use of chemical substances to treat cancer. Chemotherapeutic medications are mostly non-targeted, which means they can kill both healthy and cancerous cells. Several side effects are attached to this drug.

  • Radiation therapy 

This treatment kills malignant brain cells by exposing them to high-intensity particles or energy. Radiation might get furnished to a specific area of the brain or the entire brain. Radiation is normally delivered from outside the body, but it can also get delivered from within the body in very rare circumstances.

  • Radiosurgery

This procedure is not a surgery in the traditional sense but rather a novel radiation technique for the treatment of cancer cells. Radiation beams are targeted at a specific region of the afflicted brain. Individual beams are not particularly powerful, but when they gather together at the point of focus, they become extraordinarily potent and kill cancer cells. The procedure is short, and the patient can immediately return to their regular routine.

  • Surgery

This procedure is used when there is a probability of removing the tumor from the brain. Before surgery, the team gathers information about the patient’s medical history, current therapies, and any known drug allergies. The surgeon might choose between a minimally invasive or an open approach during surgery. If the tumor locates in a sensitive part of the brain, the surgeon will try to eliminate it as much as possible without causing any damage to the brain. The patient is maintained under anesthesia during the procedure since it is a rather intrusive procedure.

  • What makes India home to one of the best brain tumor specialists?

In comparison to the past, India now has modern procedures for correctly targeting tumors in the brain, which is necessary before therapy can begin. For the treatment of a brain tumor, India employs a comprehensive approach across the globe. Indian doctors and scientists are considered among the best, having trained in the best Indian and international medical institutions. Advances in technology have improved medical diagnoses and treatment of diseases considered untreatable some years ago in this country. The following are some of the specialized treatments:

  • Intraoperative MR guidance microsurgery or a brain suite
  • Radiosurgery with stereotactic accuracy
  • The endoscopic treatment that gets used to remove a brain tumor through the nose
  • Tumor embolization using neuro-interventional radiology

Because of the country’s most experienced and talented doctors, low-cost endoscopic brain biopsy, adequately-trained English-speaking nurses and personnel, and modern treatment choices, India is the most chosen destination for patients from all over the world.

  • Conclusion

Since current surgical methods and sophisticated technology have made it a successful surgery, the days of a brain tumor being a frightening health issue are long gone. India has all of the necessary facilities to treat patients ensuring perfect clinical outcomes to join their daily lives as quickly as possible. Surgeons can access a tumor located in a remote region of the brain using these specific techniques for brain tumor therapy, accompanied by enhanced computer screening. Traditional methods would make it harder to access such malignancies.

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