Looking to get your bloodwork done at home in Walnut Creek? Check out our list of top home blood draw services!

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When you want to get bloodwork done at home in Walnut Creek, it can be tough to figure out which companies can do the job right and which ones you should steer clear of. That’s where we come in! We’ve compiled a list of the best Walnut Creek home blood draw services so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong company or worse, testing your blood on the wrong materials!

This list will help you make sure you get your blood drawn with no hassle or pain and will make sure it gets done right!

What Is Home Blood Testing

Home testing is a convenient and cost-effective way to monitor your health. Home blood testing requires a finger prick, which can be performed by either you or a trained professional. Once a drop of blood is taken, it will be sent off for analysis and the results will be available within a week.

Many home tests are able to detect diseases such as diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, hypertension, and anemia before symptoms manifest themselves. The best part about home testing is that you don’t need an appointment and the lab analyzes the sample right away so you won’t have to wait weeks for results as other labs require.

Advantages of Home Blood Testing

Home blood testing is a great option for people who are feeling too sick or not mobile enough to go into a lab. Mobile Blood Work Services, like those offered by LabCorp, allow you to get your lab work done from the comfort of your own home. This is especially helpful for seniors and people with chronic diseases because they can monitor their health without needing medical intervention.

Mobile blood work services also offer an opportunity to share data between healthcare providers so that more informed decisions can be made about treatment plans. These mobile labs are even equipped with nursing staff if patients need help following up after their appointment. Mobile Labs provide convenience and support that other lab locations cannot provide.

How It Works

Mobile Blood Work Services will come to you and take all the hassle out of getting your blood work done. You don’t have to do anything other than give us a call and we’ll show up at your doorstep with all the equipment necessary. We’ve never had a customer not be able to provide enough blood for testing, so no worries there! Call us today and find out how Mobile Blood Work Services can help you. Our friendly staff is waiting to answer any questions you may have! We offer flexible scheduling – even if it’s last minute – and quick results. With our comprehensive lab facilities on board, we’re more than prepared to tackle any medical need that you may have! Plus, as one of the cheapest labs around, our prices are hard to beat. Give us a call today and see how much money we could save you by bringing high-quality medical care right to your front door.
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When Can I Expect My Results?

The lab will typically send you a notification with the results within 3-5 business days. If there is a problem with the test, you may need to wait longer for a phone call or email from the lab.
The lab will let you know if there is an issue and what steps are necessary for correcting it. You can also call them directly if you have any concerns about how long it has been since your last test, or if you have not received any notifications from the lab.

If you don’t want to deal with going into a doctor’s office or health center, then we recommend taking advantage of the many benefits that come from getting your blood work done at home.

Does Insurance Cover This Service?

Some insurance plans cover the cost of a home blood draw, and others may not. If you want to know if this service is covered by your plan, be sure to check with them.
A few things that might make it so they don’t cover the cost include:
-If you’re pregnant or have been diagnosed with a chronic illness like diabetes or cancer, some insurance providers will not cover the cost.
-If you’ve had too many lab tests recently and need more than one within a certain time period, some providers will deny payment for any additional labs.
-Some providers won’t allow coverage if there’s an alternative form of testing available.

How To Get Started

Finding a reliable and accurate way to get your health checked can be overwhelming. There are many different types of tests you can have completed, but what if you don’t want the hassle or cost of going into a lab?

Fortunately, there are companies that offer on-site testing and analysis so that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking for a cholesterol test or need another type, these are some great options for anyone living in Walnut Creek.
1) Palo Alto Medical Foundation – They offer everything from lipid panels to thyroid tests.

They also have technicians certified by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry who will come right to your house and collect samples and send them back to their lab for analysis.

Anesthesia Free Blood Draws

What is an anesthesia-free blood draw? you may ask. Well, these are painless and safe alternatives to getting a needle poked in your arm. Typically, the professionals who perform these types of procedures use a finger prick rather than a needle. The best part is they can be performed right in the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for more information about how this type of procedure works, read below. The process starts by using the same equipment that we would use during a venipuncture (drawing blood). We start by disinfecting the skin around where we will make the incision. After disinfecting the area, we then make a small incision with a sterile lancet or blade near where our vein is located. After making an incision with a clean technique, we insert our finger into that tiny opening and withdraw enough blood for testing purposes. There’s no need for bandages after completing this type of procedure because it is so fast and clean. For those who have had trouble finding veins or don’t want needles poking them in their arms, there are other options available too!