Get Mag jar cookies in Wholesale price

The Mag Jar Cookies is a cookie jar to keep your stash in. This cookie 3.5-inch glass jar has a magnifying glass so you can take a closer look at your stash as well as a rechargeable LED light is included. This is the perfect stash jar cookie and is available in multiple color options.

Mag jars Cookie, also known as cracker barrels or jars, have been used in England since the latter part of the 18th century. They were often made of glass with metal kid. Mag Cookie jars became famous in America around the time of the Great unhappiness in 1929. Early American mag jars were made of glass with metal screw-on babies. In the 1930s, brick became predominant as the material for American cookie jars. Early cookie jars mag typically have simple cylindrical shapes and were often painted with floral or leaf decorations or emblazoned with colorful decals.

Color ranges of cookie jars:

They came in various color ranges:

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green

Features of Cookie jars:

  • It has a 140ml capacity.
  • Airtight
  • Odor-free
  • 10 x Magnification Glass
  • Grinder Jar
  • One Hitter
  • Airtight Storage Stash
  • LED Light
  • Rechargeable

White 4 in 1 Magnifying Focus Mag Jar Light with LED Jar for Cookies.

  • Four-in-one LED glass jar
  • LED lights are installed on the top, which can be removed with just two clicks.
  • LED lights may be charged using a charger.
  • Zooming in can be done in the top window.
  • At the bottom, there is a crusher and a hitter.

What is a cookies mag jar used for?

Take your stash box to the next level with the Mag Jar Cookies! This is the best cookie jar you’ll definitely want to get your hands to hold in with that adhesive icky inside. This 3.5-inch glass jar has a magnifying glass so you can take a closer look at your stash jar.

Specifications of Cookie jars:

This glass container measures 3.5 inches in diameter and comes with a rechargeable LED light and a magnifying lens so you can examine your stockpile up close. This stockpile jar is ideal and is offered in a variety of colors.

With the Cookies Mag Jar, you can upgrade your stash box. With its sticky, nasty interior, this cookie jar is one you should definitely get your hands into. You can examine your cache more closely with the help of the magnifying glass on this 3.5-inch glass jar. You also get a rechargeable LED light to enhance your enjoyment so you can truly appreciate your Mary Jane. This stash container is ideal for carrying about and will light up your late-night sessions to prevent cannabis spills.The material used in it should be glass or plastic.

The ideal grinder storage container is this sealed cookies jar. It is a 4-in-1 since it is a one-hitter pipe, a grinder, and a jar with a magnifying lid.

Source of power:

It has a USB charger. Yes, it is.

It is air-tight. But it odor free.

Good size for a mag jar:

It should be between 7.5-5-6.5 inches (dimensions) and 14.9 ounces (weight).

Advantages of using glass containers:

Keep the moisture inside and the air outside if you don’t want dry cookies. Think about using a glass or plastic container with a tight-fitting cover for soft, chewy, or bar cookies. On the contrary hand, glass containers work best for crisp cookies.

Glass storage containers with lids have successfully passed a demanding water leakage test and have good airtightness.

Cookies mag jar smell proof?

Built-in Magnifying Glass. Air Tight No Odor Lid, Rechargeable LED Light. Travel Size. The cookies mag jar is smell-proof.

Will cookies stay fresh in jars?

Containers that are sealed are perfect for storing cookies because they keep moisture away. Containers like pots and cookie jars may look beautiful, but they are often not sealed and can make your cookies go dry in a hurry.