Get a higher education degree and make your dreams come true

The LPU institute is one of the renowned institutes. It is committed to providing distance education to students with good placement services. LPU aims to provide superior and quality education. It facilitates education programs for everyone without discriminating on any basis.

There are several courses available for distance education students with good infrastructure on campus as well as very qualified and tentative staff. The Lpu distance also provides higher education to students who can’t cope with their studies due to any reason. There are various nature Arts programs offered through LPU university. The program is in line and built with guidelines for the varied interests and aspirations of Distance Education students. These programs are designed for highly educated and successful people in various streams like mathematicians, economists, sociologists, educationalists, historians, Political scientists, or linguists.

The LPU Distance education MA program also facilitates various streams. You can choose M.A English distance education. This Education program is designed for students who want to be educational administrators, trainers, and researchers. The program’s main focus is to impart the necessary knowledge and skills.

Today in this global world, higher education is a prerequisite to managing a dynamic education system and knowledge-based society in a contemporary situation. This course helps students to acquire sound knowledge and in-depth understanding. They get aware of the educational system in the concerned stream and its pivotal role in social transformation.

These are the basic job opportunities among which students can go:

* Principal in primary and secondary schools

* Project Assistant

* Research Assistant

* Research Officer

* Educational Consultant

* Teacher Trainer

* Teacher/ Lecturer/ Education Administrator in

* Playschools

* Nursery schools

* Primary/elementary schools

* Universities

* Educational research

* Institutes

* Special schools

* Teacher Training Institutes

Teaching opportunities in foreign countries

The teaching profession includes both Arts and Sciences levels. If a student wants to excel in teaching, he should possess practical knowledge of the language as well as the fine ability with innovative methods to teach students understandably.

M.A English distance education is a degree program designed to provide the required knowledge and skills in a required stream. We all know that there is a rapid expansion of knowledge due to the IT-boom. Those who want their Professionals in teaching are required to take up an active role in cultivating their skills and knowledge.

Education is one of the upcoming grooming industries in various countries of the world which need skilled manpower. This program will play a very crucial role in bridging the gap between filling demand and the supply of skilled personnel.


Hence we can say that it is aimed at developing professionals. This provides for effective participation in educational actions as well as in different areas. This M. A program is very innovative in various terms. It emphasizes disciplinary as well as professional dimensions of education. The LPU distance education MA is the target for groups of graduates who want a higher degree of education in a defined stream.