Free web hosting control panel for Ubuntu

No matter how you look at it, there isn’t much more exciting than a tool that actually works. Furthermore, it becomes wonderful when such a gadget is provided without cost. Let’s examine the Web hosting control panels for Ubuntu (also known as admin panels) that you can use to administer your dedicated or VPS server. 


They are absolutely free to set up and use. Because they enable webmasters to interactively modify the environment of their web projects, control panels are common in today’s world. Add to that the ease with which they render experts useless. In reality, with just a few clicks, even a total novice can manage multiple sites and efficiently operate his server.


  1.  ZesleCP
  2. ISPConfig – Top Multilingual Panel With Statistics
  3. Ajenti – Top Customizable Panel With Speed and Performance
  4. CentOS Web Panel – Simple Installation and Integration with CloudLinux and CentOS
  5. Virtualmin – Top Virtual Panel with Mobile UI and Authentications

1. ZesleCP

Zesle Control Panel, commonly referred to as ZesleCP, is a compact, lightweight, user-friendly web hosting control panel for Ubuntu.

Performance: Even a 1-second page load delay has an influence on your conversion rate, SEO rankings, and bounce rate. When you use zesleCP and our lightning-fast SwiftServer platform, you won’t have to worry about any of this! 


That’s because your websites are hosted on our servers with optimal performance, your choice of server location, complimentary SSDs, and our Turbo Server option that can run up to 20X faster! AMD EPYC servers with NVMEe drives are now available in our turbo servers.


  • Increased CPU performance by 40%
  • 3X Faster Read/Write Speeds 
  • 9X More Traffic Capable, 2X Faster To First Byte


Custom software: You will be free to install customized programs or scripts that wouldn’t work in other hosting environments if you have complete control over your server.

Developer: Zesle Software Inc.

Latest ZesleCP release: ZesleCP v3.1.17.

Zesle Control Panel license: Proprietary.

2. ISPConfig – Top Multilingual Panel With Statistics

This is a popular open-source control panel that was created by ISPConfig UG and is released under the BSD license. It uses a web-based interface to make common panel tasks possible, primarily for Linux users. For starters, if you’re looking for a multilingual panel, this is your best choice. This might be useful in a few circumstances, and there are a mouthwatering 22 different languages available. 

Furthermore, it offers a simple, user-friendly interface for controlling many servers according to login statuses, like reseller, administrator, client, or email user. Additionally, ISPConfig is designed primarily to handle VPS servers for Apache or Nginx customers. The programmers created a flawless panel by fusing PHP and MySQL. And they routinely publish updates.


3. Ajenti – Top Customizable Panel With Speed, Performance

Another open-source site control panel is Ajenti. Others host VPS servers virtually flawlessly, but Ajenti accomplishes it more quickly. Due to its superior performance and comparatively quicker remote access, most administrators like it. It has contemporary tools, including a text editor, code manager, terminal, and file manager pre-installed. 

All of these boost Web management effectiveness. Additionally, servers like Samba, Squid, Munin, and others are simple to maintain and configure. With millions of users, users can use its virtual emails, which come with the auto-configuration of EXIM 4 and Courier IMAP, making it simple to use DKIM, DMARC, and SPF. 


You may easily set up Python, Ruby, PHP, and Node.js applications in addition to supporting a wide range of operating systems. To this, add its modular, lightweight architecture. To host and build websites, email accounts, and databases on your Ajenti Server, you must first install the Ajenti-V plugin. 


Current operating system versions like CentOS 7.x and Ubuntu 18.04 do not support the Ajenti-v plugin. The beta version is currently accessible. We advise you to look for official updates to learn about the most recent stable version.


4. CentOS Web Panel – Simple Installation and Integration with CloudLinux and CentOS


An open-source and cost-free hosting control panel is the centos-web panel. It supports the CloudLinux distribution and CentOS/RHEL 6. x. Offering a variety of sophisticated features and a contemporary panel with full control, it makes managing web hosting easier. With a few clicks, installation is quite simple. 

The panel’s security features include live monitoring, IP access control, automated backups, full database management, and the best Linux firewall (CSF firewall). Additionally, it offers a file system lock mechanism that increases the security of your website against hackers. Features like MySQL with the phpMyAdmin Panel, Postfix, Dovecot mailboxes, and the Roundcube Web Email Interface are made possible via the CentOS Web Panel.


5. Virtualmin – Top Virtual Panel with Mobile UI and Authentications

The truth is that Webmin, another program on this list, has been upgraded into Virtualmin. With thousands of downloads and active users, its source is accessible and frequently used worldwide. It fully supports UNIX operating systems, Linux distributions, and BSD extensions because it was written in PHP.

Additionally, there are three product versions of Virtualmin: Cloudmin Professional, Virtualmin Professional, and Virtualmin GPL. The first is, as one might imagine, free and open source, whereas the last two are for sale. Virtualmin is ideal for hosting domains and virtual servers like OpenVZ and KEN, regardless of the software you use. To emphasize, this is as close to cPanel and Plesk as you can get.