Fragrantica and Edis Fragrantica

Fragrantica is a search engine for fragrances. Its extensive database makes fragrance research easy MILAN LASER HAIR REMOVAL. The website has descriptions of every scent, including rare varieties. The site also provides fragrance recommendations. You can use Fragrantica to find unique fragrances. It’s a great resource to find the perfect scent for your personal style. Here are some of the most popular fragrances available on the web. You can find the perfect scent for any occasion with the help of Fragrantica.



Edis fragrantica is a website designed to help people identify fragrances. It also features a perfume dictionary. Edis is a member of Fragrantica’s team and is a former sportscaster on national television. Fragrantica also has an internet project management team. The Fragrantica team is always happy to answer your questions. This site is free and easy to navigate. Edis’s passion is creating perfumes that people want to wear.

Edis joined the Fragrantica team in May of 2012. He is a long-time fan of perfumes and enjoys dark and vanilla-based fragrances. He has a PhD in German Literature and teaches at a few colleges in New York. In his spare time, he enjoys chewing gum and reading books. And he’s a big fan of astrology. He’s also a frequent contributor to Fragrantica’s website, which allows people to ask him questions and share their ideas.

In addition to the online parfem encyclopedia, Edis fragrantica also publishes a magazine that highlights new and classic scents. The website puts a lot of emphasis on zvezde and parfems. The site also offers information about different brands of perfumes and the latest awards that have been won by them. Fragrantica is a great source for information about fragrances, and it can help you make a selection of perfumes that you love.


If you’re in search of an exceptional fragrance, Fragrantica magazine is a great place to start. With a base in San Dijegu, California, Fragrantica is one of the leading fragrance magazines in the world. Among their publications are “Brojnih clanaka”, “Unosa parfema” and “Sajmove parfema.”

Fragrantica was founded in 2013 by Beth Seibert, a graduate of the University of Missouri, Columbia, and William Jewell College. The site has more than 47,000 members and she works as the community manager and translator for the Italian website Hair rollers. Her interest in perfume began during high school, and Fragrantica was her first introduction to the world of fragrance. She’s also a qualified lawyer and enjoys reading about astrology.

This flower is also known as Wo Men Bu Xiao Shou Ren He. Chinese herbalists refer to it as Wo Men Ba Xiao Shou. Its Chinese name is Elena Knezhevich. Her botanical name is Xiang Shui Bai Ke. This plant has a long and rich history as an aromatherapy herb. It has a sweet, fruity aroma. It is used in teas, herbal remedies, and in aromatherapy.


From her encyclopedia records to her articles and communication with brands, Sandrina Bogdanovic has been working on Fragrantica since the site first launched. This perfume connoisseur, born in Belgrade, has a flair for sunny and blissful scents. She is also an experienced journalist, having worked in investigative journalism in the past. The scents she loves most are those that make us feel happy, peaceful, or happy and content.

Yi Shang

Originally from China, Yi Shang has a passion for fragrance and studied biochemistry, humanisticko nauke and drustvene nauke before deciding to study aromatic plants in Australia. While studying in Kini, she was fascinated by the mirise and decided to pursue a career in the fragrance industry. These days, she lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she enjoys the city’s vibrant arts and cultural scene as well as its beautiful beaches. There, she discovered Fragrantica, and it quickly became her new favourite perfumery site.

Her passion for aromatic plants began when she read about the aromatic properties of flowers. She began learning about the fragrance properties of plants and was fascinated by the stories behind them. She also became interested in aromatherapy and was intrigued by the chemistry of fragrance. Her research led her to study aromatherapy and fragrance, and she has been using aromatherapy for over 30 years. She has written three books on the subject. Her blog, Fragrantica, aims to inform readers about new scents and fragrances, as well as the science and chemistry behind the olfactory senses.

Her botanical name is Yi Shang, but it also goes by other names. In China, it is known as Ran Er. Another common name for Yi Shang is “Yi Ji Wei Luo” or “Yi Ji Wei” (Yi Shuo).

John Biebel

Fragrantica was founded in 2014 by a self-taught perfumer named John Biebel. He studied at the Cooper Union in New York and has worked in Boston, London, and New York City. He now divides his time between perfumery, art, and software development. In addition to his work at Fragrantica, John is also the founder of the January Scent Project. His background is in painting, photography, and user experience design, with a special interest in the chemistry of fragrance and the history of perfumery.

The company has an extensive team of people, including several engineers, marketing experts, and researchers. Several of them have backgrounds in software development. Emir was instrumental in developing Fragrantica’s platform and solving technological challenges. He is also responsible for the company’s marketing and finance. He has worked with startups that have incorporated social media into their operations. He is passionate about developing innovative software and fragrances that are accessible to everyone.

A passionate perfumer, John Biebel also has a background in painting and photography. He studied at The Cooper Union and now divides his time between writing for Fragrantica and user experience design for educational software. He also paints, makes perfume, and gives talks about the art and science of scent. He is also a co-founder of the Experimental Scent Summit, an annual gathering of olfactory artists. The event features lectures and presentations from perfume history and the evolution of olfactory art.


Lucia is an Italian member of the Fragrantica team who joined in 2013. She is a translator and editor for the Italian website. Her interest in fragrance began when she was a student in high school and she discovered Fragrantica in 2011. Lucia has a background in law and enjoys reading about astrology and psychology. She hopes to someday write a novel inspired by fragrance. We’re looking forward to her contribution to Fragrantica!

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