Four Simple Steps Your Business Can Take to Become More Sustainable


Every business will be looking to make savings, reducing overheads so that its profit margins widen. Still, this is a task that can take many months of research, auditing, reporting, and testing solutions – and that is an expensive task. Instead, businesses can save cash simply by becoming sustainable and reducing their use of materials and energy. This even impacts the other end of your profit margin too, seeing as consumers appreciate firms tackling their sustainability. Read on to learn the four simple steps toward business sustainability in 2023.

Sustainability Audit

When setting out to make your firm more sustainable, the first step will always be to audit our firm. This is a simple case of asking an internal employee, or an external firm, to log over your entire operation and to identify where you might be wasting energy, losing cash, or using too much material. This process should involve the interviewing of employees across your value chain, asking them where they think there is a wasteful process and what you might be able to do about it. Your audit will give you some target areas to change in the coming months.

Waste and Recycling

One of the areas that will be most prominent in your ambitions to become more sustainable is your waste management and recycling system. Here, you’ll have data on how many bins you’re filling with waste per month and the proportion of recyclable waste. Of course, sustainable businesses try to reduce their overall waste and ensure. That the vast majority of their waste is recyclable. To help you along, use a baling machine for your recyclable waste, making it easier to concentrate all of your recyclables in one place. Tie these up with wire from, and you’ll be able to send off neat cubes of cardboard, paper, and plastic to be recycled.

Electricity Measures

Next up is that nebulous field of your energy consumption. This is a tricky area to make more sustainable. Seeing as it’s relatively difficult to measure the effectiveness of individual policies in such a large organization. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try, though. It simply means that you’ll need to follow expert advice on where you can make savings. Often, a consultant on energy-saving measures will be the best person to bring in to save cash on your commercial electricity bills.

Transport Efficiency

Most businesses operate some form of transportation function. You may deliver packages and goods to customers if you’re a store. If you’re a manufacturer, there will be large volumes of goods coming in and out of your facility at all times. Ensuring that transportation is done sustainably is a must for firms looking ahead to a greener future. Where possible, use low-carbon vehicles for your transport. Carbon offset where it’s possible to do so. And finally, ensure you’re never running a single journey with one package. When you could be delivering multiple packages in one journey.

Take these four decisive steps toward operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.